Have you read the sports day registration FAQs?

Having trouble filing in the form? Read the Sports Day registration FAQs. It is in the last page of the form, and here : HS Sports Day FAQ. Clearly worded and bookmarked, you can click on any question in the PDF and it will link you to the correct answer.

The FAQs answer these questions :

  1. Can anyone participate?
  2. $30 for each family? Is there a maximum number of family members that can register?
  3. Can I register for as many events as I’m interested in?
  4. How can I indicate my interest?
  5. How do I make payment?
  6. How do I know if my payment has been received?
  7. When is the last day of registration?
  8. I can’t confirm if I can make it on that day. Do you accept walk-in registrations on that day?
  9. How do I determine which age group should I register my child for?
  10. I want to join the relay but I don’t have enough team members, what should I do?
  11. What is the family race?
  12. Can I combine with other families and register for the family race?
  13. Is there an age limit for the family race?
  14. Something came up and I can’t make it. Can my friend race on my behalf or can I ask for a refund?
  15. What if it rains? Hails? Haze?
  16. Will my tickets be refunded in the event of cancellation?
  17. What time do I need to report for my event?
  18. ‘Will there be a medical team on standby?

Don’t forget to join our FB event page . The organising team is throwing out good tips and offers like a training session for kids doing the relay, learning to pass the baton etc. Register here for the Homeschool Sports Day .

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