Homeschool Kidpreneur @ Maker Faire 2018

Homeschool Kidpreneur is a fun platform for children to do business for real! Be it at a flea market, retail store, online or off, the kids are dedicated to making their own works for sale.

This year, a group of 12 dedicated young crafters will be selling their works at Maker Faire Singapore. We invite you to visit their booth and support their lovely creations.

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Introducing… Little U!

You might have heard of Little U in a past interview here : “On my to-do list is an upcoming programme called Little U. I want to kickstart a tertiary-like experience for our homeschool community – parents and kids. I think learning is lifelong, and we should help one another find opportunities to grow our interests. I want to work with companies, organisations and individuals in Singapore and beyond, to find meaningful internships and exposure for homeschoolers. In the next 10 years, the education landscape is not one of certification but of apprenticeship.”  Continue reading “Introducing… Little U!”

Interview with the organiser of the Homeschool Sports Day, Angela Lim-Er

What made you want to organise this? 

I love sports. School sports day used to be my highlight of the entire school year. I want to share that experience with my children. Since it hasn’t been happening for a few years in the homeschooling community, I decided it’s time to take action and make things happen. I want to give our children an avenue to try their best. I want them to dare to succeed and dare to fail. I want them to experience in a real concrete way what it means to come alongside their friend to encourage them. I want them to enjoy the process. A Sports day event is a great platform for this. Continue reading “Interview with the organiser of the Homeschool Sports Day, Angela Lim-Er”

Last call for Homeschool Sports Day sign up!

Due to overwhelming response, we will be bringing forward the closing date for registration and payment of fees for the HS Sports Day to 31st May 2018. Forms and payments received after 31st May, 2359 hours will be voided. 

Please sign up ASAP and email us at once payment is made.