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Memories: The Amazing PSLE Race

Each year, 12-year-old homeschoolers in Singapore are mandated by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to pass a national test called the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) at the 33rd percentile of their public-schooled counterparts. It is a hurdle that often causes much anxiety amongst parents and children alike across the country.  Inspired by the American adventure reality game show The Amazing Race, a group of homeschooling mothers launched their very own “Amazing PSLE Race” series in October 2019.

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Homeschool Information Guide 2022

After months of preparation and hard work, the Homeschool Information Guide 2022 is now available! Developed by Homeschool Consultation in collaboration with Homeschool Singapore, this annual publication is an introductory one-stop resource covering commonly asked questions on homeschooling in Singapore. Editor’s Note: Learn more about Homeschool Consultation in a recent interview here.

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Interview: Homeschool Consultation

Homeschool Consultation is helmed by a dedicated group of ladies who have been supporting past, present and prospective families on the life-changing discovery of homeschooling. In this interview, we learn what Homeschool Consultation can do for you, uncover individual stories and motivations behind the commitment, hear about the team’s challenges and successes, and find out their future plans for the community.

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Homeschooling for Special Educational Needs in Singapore

Every child is born unique with different sets of strengths and abilities. Some children may struggle with learning difficulties and require additional help more than others. Singapore’s Ministry of Education (MOE) has taken progressive steps to serve the well-being of children aged six through 15 with special educational needs (SEN). This article seeks to raise awareness of SEN in Singapore, and offer support to families who have chosen — or are exploring — to homeschool their child with SEN.

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