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What if you could access a database of resources used by homeschoolers, past and present, in your homeschooling journey in Singapore?

What if parents, educators, researchers know about the variety of resources homeschoolers based in Singapore use?

Knowledge is power. Freedom to access knowledge empowers learners. We want to empower you to join in too.

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We are a small group of homeschooling parent-volunteers with a seed idea.
We welcome you to hop onboard and nurture this dream with us.
Let’s grow Homeschool Library SG together.

Introducing The Socially Awkward Podcast by homeschooling alumni!

Dawn Fung chats with John Teoh, the founder of the project.

Dawn : What is The Socially Awkward Podcast about?

John : Our vision is to give a voice to homeschoolers in Singapore and their unique stories outside the typical education system. We also want to be a training ground for homeschoolers who are interested in media production to gain experience and receive mentoring. 

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The Homeschool Convention Documentary needs your help!

Update! In the pipelines is a making behind the Homeschool Convention. The Homeschool Convention is now 4 years old. We started in 2017 and have been through amazing ups, downs and turn arounds.

The documentary of the Homeschool Convention is by homeschool graduate John Teoh, who is also the producer of The Socially Awkward Podcast.

We are looking for past and present footage and photos of the convention. If you’ve got a stash of memories, as attendee, speaker, team or public, would you email the stuff to by 21 Jun, Sunday.

Thank you!