Welcome to Homeschool Singapore! We’ve been around since 2013 but we just revamped our website. Our goal is to promote homeschooling in Singapore. We work hard to build connections to homeschool communities, businesses and organisations for opportunities to partner together. Homeschoolers are active contributors in community work, education and social causes. If you are interested to reach out to the local homeschool community, write to us.

Our Vision

 The HomeschoolSingapore.sg website serves as a platform for the homeschooling community to converge connect, converse and contribute. We hope to nurture a sense of community through shared memories, mutual assistance, exchange of ideas and common aspirations to spur collective learning and growth. We want to inspire people to homeschool and embrace education as a way of life.

While we aim to be an authoritative point of reference on homeschooling in Singapore, the website is not just for those who want to homeschool. It is for everyone who is passionate about education – from those aspiring to be thought leaders in education, to those who simply wants a broader definition of what education is.

Website Goals


Link up with active and alumni homeschoolers at  on-going and upcoming events for opportunities to collaborate, or simply catch-up with one another.


Be part of the dialogue to share diverse practices and opinion pieces to enrich the community.


Support specific activities, projects and causes whenever you can.

Meet our Editor

Kalsum went from drafting legislations and policies in her last job at a government Ministry, to reading extensively on education and pedagogies. She homeschools her three children wherever her husband’s work takes them. They spent most of the year 2018, worldschooling. She successfully roped in her husband to take on some homeschooling roles even as he is a full-time academic. She is thankful that her family has been able to direct their own educational pursuits while tending to the needs of elderly members of the family.

Kalsum has been an advocate for homeschooling, having helped several families along the way. She is one of the pioneer members of the Muslim Homeschoolers SG group and maintains its Facebook page. Given one of her children’s neurological development challenges, she is passionate about learning and advocating for special education needs.

She is an active member of the Society for the Promotion of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Research & Knowledge (SPARK) Singapore, a parent support group for children with ADHD.