Christian Homeschool Forum 2017

Four mums who homeschool their kids share their journey as Christians from different backgrounds and churches. Come listen and feed your soul with heartfelt stories from our lessons learnt.

#1 UNSCHOOLED IN JESUS – how to unschool as Christians ah? By Dawn Fung

Dawn Fung is the founder of She unschools her 2 girls, 7 and 9. She used to teach teens English for 7 years in a private school, ran the professional development for the faculty, and believes in education on the go – anyone can learn from anyone. She’s been running homeschool events for the past 5 years for the local homeschool community, including the Homeschool Convention. Dawn worships at a dinky church called Sonship where her husband pastors.

#2 GREAT EXPECTATIONS – what perspectives do we need? By Sue Tan

Sue Tan is a teacher and counsellor. She taught English in the Gifted Education Programme and then did her Masters in Pastoral Counselling at Singapore Bible College, subsequently counseling gifted students and being a full time school counselor. Sue has trained teachers in the Gifted Education Programme and trainee teachers from the National Institute of Education in the area of special needs. Sue is currently a special needs consultant with the Ministry of Education. She has also worked as a tutor for children with special needs, and conducts workshops on special needs-related issues. Her present calling is homeschooling and discipling her two boys, ages 5 and 7, together with her husband Mark. They do a mix of classical and Charlotte Mason but what they love best is taking nature walks near their home by the sea and enjoying God’s amazing creation.

# 3 SACRED COWS – are the things we hold dear in homeschooling really so? By Elaine Eo

Addicted to reading, Elaine decided that she should homeschool her children 7 years ago to introduce her children to the wonderful world of stories and imagination. She and her children enjoy learning about life and the world through the Word of God and writings of other good authors and believes that good books can bring about great ideas for her children to think about. The family uses a loose version of Five in a Row and Charlotte Mason in addition to the classical method of education. She is now tutoring a classical conversation community once a week. Prior to her calling to homeschool, she was doing research and planning in a Government agency.

#4 FAMILY SECRETS – How do we walk a restful homeschool journey? By Angela Lim-Er

Angela used to be a gym rat and all things active. With 4 children ages 9 and under, she realises her kids provide her with more activity than she can handle. In the midst of learning parenting afresh from each kid’s perspective, Angela shares with us nuggets on how she juggles life in laughter, tears and Christ.