Welcome to the second edition of the Homeschool Convention! When we sold out last year’s convention, we were stoked that so many people felt supported in their homeschooling journey. This year, we’ve decided to make it bigger!

This year’s Homeschool Convention is held over 2 days.

Day 1 features 11 keynote speakers who will present, TED TALK style, a topic close to their heart. The messages are aimed at the homeschool community from young homeschoolers to those finishing their journey. You will be so encouraged as you get reminded of the good, bad and funny in this journey less travelled!

After the morning’s talks, we break for lunch, then head back for the curriculum fair. The fair is a tradition of the homeschool community for parents to share their resources with one another. We also feature vendors that sell relevant products for home education.

Day 2 will see breakout groups where you can focus on a particular homeschooling aspect in depth. Choose one to join: Special Needs Forum, Young Homeschoolers Session or the Chinese Conference. Each breakout session will be 2 hours.

Parents who have signed up for our Kids Drop Off Zone in advance, will have a great time knowing their kids are well taken of by experienced homeschooling parents and teens.

PRICE : $20 per day (which includes fair entry) or $30 for both days (which includes fair entry and a breakout session of your choice)

TIME : 11am-1pm
150 spaces only.

Janice Tee (A Path Less Travelled)

Janice was homeschooled for 13 years. Her first school happens to be the National University of Singapore, and she graduates in a few months’ time! Till this day, she does not hold a PSLE, O or A level certificate, or diploma. She hopes her story will encourage all parents on their path less travelled.

Angela Lim- Er (Courage)

Angela is a mum to 4 kids under 12. She used to work in the finance industry but chose to homeschool in 2011. Although she has no teaching background, she loves children and loves to learn. She is an active, outdoorsy mum who will be organising 2018’s Homeschool Sports Day. She will share some great tips for the journey ahead.

Sue Tan (In Every Season)

Sue is mum to 2 lively boys, aged 6 & 8. She is a teacher and counsellor by training. She and her hubby Mark run a training and consultancy firm, The Social Factor, which specialises in the areas of counselling and special needs. Sue will be sharing how to embrace the different seasons in our journey

Tsui Ling Hoy (Family Support)

Tsui Ling is mum to 6 children aged 17, 15, 13, 11, 8 and 4. She has fourteen years’ experience homeschooling. Her other joys are in making healthy, good food for the family like kimchi, kombucha, and kefir. Come listen to her speak on the importance of supporting one another as a family.

Anju Tupili (Tingkat, Buffet, and Aubergines on my Mom’s Table)

Anju Tupili is an Indian expat who moved to Singapore about 20 years ago. She homeschools 2 boys and is a director of Classical Conversations in Singapore. Come listen to her story of what brought her to homeschooling, and how each step has made her more determined to find freedom in learning.

Vivian Kwek (Decoding My Children)

Vivian is a mother of 3 and has been homeschooling for 9 years. She will share how she tailored her children’s education to follow their interests – her oldest child has joined the NUS computer science courses since 13. Vivian is dedicated to helping parents unlock the secrets to their children’s behaviour. Her book “Decoding Your Child” will be launched in March 2018.

Karen (A Map Of Our Lives)

Karen is a mum to teens. She is known in the homeschool community for her energy and dedication to growing those around her, including running a tuition centre, and countless co-ops! She will share her documented journey, and remind us how important it is to look back and celebrate.

Wendy Koh (Unschooling Ethan and I)

Wendy Koh considers herself very fortunate to have the luxury of being a stay-at-home mom to 1 biological son, 2 step-children, and a transition of various animals. Her son was homeschooled until he completed the IGCSEs. She will share what has made her journey in homeschooling so meaningful.

Cassandra Shepherd (You Can Do It!)

Cassandra is a New Zealander who was homeschooled briefly growing up. Her mum was the first parent to apply for an exemption in the Hawke’s Bay region in 1977 for homeschooling. Cassandra home-educated her 3 children (twins 17 and son 20). She has used Charlotte Mason, Sonlight, Khan Academy, co-ops, delight directed learning and real life as resources, including a farm, in her homeschool journey. She has overseen ICC in East Asia since 2015. There is little she has not tried. You will be inspired by this visionary.

Connie Chua (My Husband – the leader)

Connie was an ex-MOE teacher and mother of 4 teens, 13 to 19. She first attempted to homeschool her first 3 children back in 2003. It was an awful start. She shelved homeschooling until June 2006. Then she took the plunge and withdrew both older children out of school with support from her husband. Connie will share how her husband’s involvement has played a crucial role in shaping the family’s homeschooling journey.

Tammy Hitchens (Encouragement for the Weary Heart)

Tammy is an Australian mother of 13 living in Singapore since 2014. Tammy has 20 years of home educating experience across a variety of curricula and learning styles and has graduated four young adults who have done tertiary level education and work full time in Australia. Tammy has faced many challenges during her journey including special needs and many major moves with a large family. Tammy has a real interest in seeing parents enabled to understand their importance and capability as the primary educators of their children. She closes the keynote speakers’ session for the second year of the Homeschool Convention.

TIME : 2pm-4pm
WALK IN PRICE : $5 per family

The Homeschool Curriculum Fair is a fair focusing on curriculum and resources used by the homeschooling community. Mums will bring in their favourite curriculum books on a volunteer basis and will share with anyone who’s keen to learn more. Flip through actual books used by mums and get to see before you buy. This year, we will also be including resources for preschoolers to cater for mums with younger children. Join us on our FB page for updates.

Email to get involved as a vendor or run a booth.

PRICE : $20 per day or $30 for both days (which includes keynote speakers and fair entry)

Time : 11am-1pm

In depth, focused, issue based. We have 3 breakout sessions this year for you to choose, and they run concurrently. It gives convention participants ample time to listen, ask questions and mingle afterwards. Don’t miss!

1) Special Needs Forum (50 spaces)
2) Young Homeschoolers Session (40 spaces)
3) Chinese Conference (60 spaces)

Tickets for the convention are available here.

For media enquiry, pls email