Coming for the Young Homeschoolers Session?

Young Homeschoolers Session
(Part of the Homeschool Convention 2018)
Date : 11 April 2018, Wed
Time : 11am-1pm


Young homeschoolers are those who have just started the homeschooling journey – preschool, primary or teens. 

Our Young Homeschoolers Session will help you

  • get acquainted with various styles of learning
  • learn from families with different-aged kids from preschool to teens. We will share with you how we started out in our journey and what we wished we would have done differently!
  • get to know other young homeschoolers and make friends
  • ask questions during our small group time. We want to hear from you why you wanted to homeschool as well!


Grace Tan is mum to 3 beautiful girls aged 10+, 7 and 2. She has been homeschooling since her eldest was 5+, loves Charlotte Mason philosophies of education but uses whatever styles, books and curriculum that inspires her and works for her family.

Megan Low has 3 children aged 4, 7 and 11 and started homeschooling five years ago. She uses an eclectic mix of curricula to suit the needs of the family.

Chern Chieh Bay is mum to 4 kids aged 7+, 11, 14 and 16 and is now in her 10th year of homeschooling. She loves all things Montessori but is pretty eclectic in her homeschooling choices to meet her children’s needs. (Chern was a keynote speaker at 2017’s Homeschool Convention.)

Lynette Low is mum to 2 boys aged 8+ and 6+. She has been homeschooling her boys since they were due for preschool. She appreciates the rigor of Classical Education and uses an electic mix of resources based on the interests and aptitude of her boys.

Catherine Soon is mum to 5 children aged 9 to 21 years old. Catherine has been homeschooling since her eldest was 5. She uses a mix of graded level packaged curriculum supplemented with the local MOE syllabus.

Tickets for Young Homeschoolers Session are available here.