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Chinese Conference
(Part of the Homeschool Convention 2018)
Date : 11 April 2018, Wed
Time : 11am-1pm


In this 2 hour special, we will introduce resources to help your children learn and enjoy the language from preschool to primary 6, even if you are not confident in the language! We will share our personal journeys of home educating our kids for the PSLE Chinese paper. The Chinese Conference will be conducted in both English and Mandarin, in a conversational style between the moderator and a panel of 3-4 speakers at a time. There will be time for Q&A after each panel, as well as time for parents to connect with speakers and one another. Participants of the Chinese Conference will get to email questions ahead of time to the team.


Organiser : Addicted to reading, Elaine Eo decided that she should homeschool her children 7 years ago to introduce her children to the wonderful world of stories and imagination. They enjoy learning about life through good authors and good books. In the same way, she has been introducing the Chinese language, and hopefully inspiring her children to love the language, through the reading of good Chinese books. Elaine fell in love with the language at sixteen with 巴金’s《家春秋》, a Chinese classic that left a deep impression in her heart. Today, she hopes to inspire children and parents alike to enjoy the Chinese language.

Moderator : Kay Zhao has been homeschooling her three girls for the past 5 years. Originally from China, she has lived in Singapore for more than 10 years, and is happily married to Eugene, a civil servant. She is the moderator of the Chinese Conference.

Sharon Tay, a mother of three, aged 3, 9 and 11, believes that home education allows children to love learning. She founded “Loving Mandarin – 热爱华文”FB page for parents of primary-level children. She will be sharing how she helped her child accelerate when he could not read Chinese independently at 9.

Jenny Xu is a new homeschooler mum. She is into Classical Conversations nature walks, and hanging out with her friends in China. As a native Chinese-speaking mum, she loves to read storybooks and poems to her children. She will share some of the Chinese resources that she uses.

Failing Chinese language in school did not deter Eric Chew from teaching his own children this amazing language at home. He has been imparting Chinese language to his children through a unique and interesting approach using his design background.

Sophia Ong is mum to four kids aged 0 to 9. She has found a passion for Chinese, and works hard to overcome her oldest kid’s aversion to it. Sophia leads Chinese immersion learning groups (co-ops) with positive feedback from parents. She would like to share strategies that will encourage others struggling with helping their children enjoy Chinese.

Eve Sam is mum to 2 boys age 8 and 7. She is Malaysian Chinese. Chinese is her mother tongue and she studied Chinese language until GCSE level. Eve’s passion for Chinese continues today in her love for calligraphy, and as a seller of beautiful Chinese illustrated books.

Sau Wan is mum to 3 teens. She enjoys engaging the Chinese Language through different platforms and finding something interesting to do with her kids. She is blessed with communities to journey alongside her.

Administrator : Wan Ying has been homeschooling her 2 girls for the past four years. She uses a mixture of resources, readers and poetry for her kids, including 好朋友 and assessment books.

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