Join us at the inaugural Special Needs Forum!

Special Needs Forum
(Part of the Homeschool Convention 2018)
Date : 11 April 2018, Wed
Time : 11am-1pm


The Special Needs Forum will be conducted in a friendly and non-intimidating manner. Here is what we will cover :

  • We will share with you our journeys in the area of special needs.
  • Discuss what are sensory issues and their root causes, as well as how to help children with challenges such as autism, ADHD and dyslexia. We will share strategies and resources.
  • How to manage if you have a child with special needs; diagnosis, therapy, experiences within the educational system and in homeschooling.
  • Q&A session, individually and in smaller groups

Registered parents may send their questions via email ahead of time. We look forward to your stories too!


Facilitator : Madeline Ang is a poet and writer who draws her experiences from lens of gratitude and everyday encounters. She is a mother of two teenage girls. Madeline’s Firstborn is studying in a local university. Her Lastborn is being unschooled and Madeline is relishing in discovering, and learning, new things alongside her child every day. (Madeline was a keynote speaker at 2017’s Homeschool Convention.)

Mark Lim homeschools his 2 sons with wife, Sue. He has first-hand experience teaching students with physical challenges and conducting workshops for students with special needs and learning issues. He and Sue are consultants for the Ministry of Education as part of the Healthy and Safe Relationships in Action programme, which is being implemented for Special Education Schools in Singapore.

Carol Marianne Tan-Soh homeschools her 15 year old son, Darren, who has dyspraxia plus other difficulties like visual-motor coordination, auditory processing, attentional issues, grasping Math concepts. His handwritten cursive has improved but still lacks speed which prevents him from completing any timed written tasks. Carol was trained as a graphic advertising designer and deaf interpreter.

Lynda Kiong is a stay at home mum of 2 girls (aged 14 and 12) and a boy (aged 9). Formerly a JC Physics teacher, she has been officially homeschooling for 8 years. Her ongoing journey with her last kid with special educational needs has been humbling and rewarding. Her hope is that more parents homeschooling children with special educational needs can receive the encouragement and support they need.

[update 22 March 2018 : Speaker Sarah Lee-Wong is unable to take part in the Special Needs Forum 2018.]

Tickets for the Special Needs Forum are available here. Pls contact if you have queries.