Meet the Support Teams behind the Homeschool Convention 2018!

How could we do without these people? This is a special shout out to the people behind the scenes, so that you know it takes a community to run a mega-community event! 

The Kids Drop Off Zone (KDOZ) is probably the most important ministry of the convention. These homeschooling parents make sure your kids, of different ages and learning needs, are well taken care of while you’re receiving much needed encouragement at the convention. 

(Clockwise from top right)

Wan Ling finds homeschooling a great excuse to spend time with her two beautiful girls and to take a breather from her teaching career. She also runs an online boutique selling vintage clothes.

Eric is a designer who resigned from his agency job to become a full time stay-at-home dad to his two children. He uses his design skills to teach. He hopes his kids grow up with godly values and contribute back to society.

Ruimin is the best friend and supporter of her husband Eric Chew. They make the best team in raising their 2 lovely little children. Ruimin enjoys spending time with her family, learning and growing together.

Valerie homeschools her 6-year-old daughter. Half a year ago, Valerie was given a second chance at life. Today, she relishes every waking moment. She looks forward to the day she can travel the world with her family.

The registration peeps take care of all ticketing, convention goodie bags, name lists, signages, and whatever needs to be done throughout the convention days on the ground. Kudos to these volunteer parents who stay up till wee hours after caregiving duties!

(Clockwise from top right)

Felicia is a mother of three human kids, a budgerigar, a dachshund, a porcupine fish named Puffy and hundreds of Ultraman figurines. She is constantly organising her home.

Zhen Xin has been unschooling her 2 boys (8 & 5) for the past 4 years with her homely husband. She believes that learning is for life and should be done through authentic experiences.

Ferny is a mother of 3 who never planned to become a homeschool mum. After doing it for a little over 3 years, she loves the advantages homeschooling gives her family.

Ivy was a headhunter in banking and finance industry before deciding to homeschool her children. She loves baking, and raising her three kids!

Got trouble with your tickets? Remember to check your spam box in case the email slipped in there! Else, reach for help.

These dudes know how to take care of our images. Without them, we may not remember nor be remembered!

Mark Lim is our PR & Media man. The Homeschool Convention itself will be closed to media participation but if any media wants to interview the speakers, we are open to that, either after the convention’s activities or before.

Sze Siang took up photography 8 years ago with the arrival of his firstborn. Through the years he honed his skills and welcomed 2 more children. Currently, he partners his wife to homeschool their children. Follow him at

A homeschooler for as long as he can remember, John Hoy started photography two years ago. Through guidance and advice from friends, he enjoys different genres of photography. Find him on Instagram @photograph.yer

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