Open House : A CC Family

Anju Tupili has been homeschooling her 2 sons (16 and 11) since 2011. She directs a Classical Conversations community of 10th graders, and is one of the keynote speakers at the Homeschool Convention 2018. 

Homeschool Routine

Boys at work

Thankfully, the Classical Conversation (CC) curriculum lays out the weekly schedule. All I am left to do is to divide the weekly achievables into bite-sized pieces. This strategy allows my children to have time for other activities in the week.

For our family, Saturday is a community day, Sunday is a rest day. So with a day given in the week to CC community day, we have a span of four days for the school work, with Saturdays on some weeks bearing some light school work. And a typical day of academics starts at 10am and end anywhere between 2pm – 5pm.

On Classical Conversations 

The CC graders

CC is a one-room schoolhouse (one can teach all your children of different age-range from the same set of books, in one room, at one time). It is Classical (time tested). It weaves all subjects to a central theme of a Creator. The CC communities are robust and dynamic which bolster you with caring accountability. The parent is the lead learner. The goal of education is nobility and wisdom, than grades and assessments.

Whether or not you are interested in CC, I would advise : all learning that builds wisdom must be honored. And you are free to choose from the ocean of learning out there.

At the Homeschool Convention, I want the audience to remember that when we walk the road less travelled, there will be mistakes made. But as long as we are asking, seeking, and knocking – in other words, being an eager and open-minded learner – we will find the way.

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OPEN HOUSE is a series of short interviews with homeschoolers in Singapore. Each family shares their homeschool timetable for that season, and whatever they would like to say to readers here. Interviews are conducted by Dawn Fung.