Post-Convention Updates!

A short review of our recently ended Homeschool Convention 2018, some cool photos and a resource directory in this post. Don’t miss…

Review : Heart Connections

The following is adapted from the introduction of our special e-programme.

Everyone having a great time!

Singapore’s homeschool convention is small compared to other countries’ well established ones. What makes it special is that it’s ours. There is a need for a biggish event that brings together homeschoolers in Singapore for a single purpose : to connect. This need for connection happens at many levels.

Keynote Speakers

One level is the desire to receive input from fellow homeschoolers along the journey. Both years, I planned keynote speakers to represent voices from the young to the seasoned homeschooling parents. The results have been amazing – homeschoolers found resonance in the messages by the keynote speakers. The messages were authentic and inspiring because they were messages from the heart from fellow parents who have journeyed similar paths.

Young Homeschoolers Session

Another level is the desire to be heard. The breakout sessions on Day 2 enabled heart questions to surface. I saw tears, hugs, and encouragement in our Special Needs, Chinese, and Young Homeschoolers breakout sessions.  (By the way, the Chinese Conference was covered by Channel 8.)

Curriculum Fair

Connect to collaborate. At the curriculum fair, during lunch time, after the convention, people mingled to share ideas with one another. What is purposeful is that these ideas aren’t great inventive ideas, but necessary ones to keep us parenting our children responsibly and joyfully.

Building one another up at the Special Needs Forum!

The homeschool community in Singapore is small but our compassion is big. Our focus on building healthy, strong family – not grades – makes competition uninteresting. It is the real race of life.

Also, a big thank you to Qiren Organisation, especially Joshua Teo, for helping us out with the venue. It was, in everyone’s words, amazing.

Dawn Fung
Organiser of the Homeschool Convention 2018

Feedback from a Convention Attendee

Opportunities to interact at the fair

Homeschoolers are a scattered bunch, so pulling so many together in the same place at the same time is a huge undertaking, yet very much needed to kindle mutual support and foster a sense of community.

My husband and I will be homeschooling our son after he completes his PSLE this year, and knowing that there are so many other homeschoolers in Singapore reassures us that our son will not be alone in this undertaking, and neither will we.

Excellent speakers, covering diverse topics with humour and honesty. Informative fair. I appreciated the chance to browse the history books at Littly’s booth and hear her insight into how to use the various resources, and to ask questions at the General Information booth and receive very thoughtful responses from Wendy.

– Jen Eveland

Resource Directory

We want to help you find your way around homeschooling in Singapore. Post-convention, you can find our resources for Chinese, SEN and Young Homeschoolers here. Enjoy!

All images are taken by Hoon Sze Siang.