Support our Teen Open Mic this Sunday

While the Children’s Craft Fair happens at 3pm, our inaugural Teen Open Mic starts at 3:15pm. Featuring original songs from homeschooling teens, this open mic promises to be an afternoon of heartfelt, refreshing work. #ImaginariumSG

Date : Sunday, 6 May 2018 (Opening Day of Imaginarium 2018: Into the Space of Time)
Time : 3:15pm-4pm
Venue : SAM at 8Q, 8 Queen Street 188535
as part of SAM’s family-focused art exhibition Imaginarium: Into the Space of Time
Free Entry. Registration not required.


1. “Carry You” by Isaac Lim

Performed by
Isaac Lim on vocals and cello
Hans Lim on vocals and guitar

Isaac : My song went through several phases, before it became “Carry You”. The first two versions were enviromentalist songs, but I didn’t particularly like them, so I rewrote them into another song, called See You Through, which had a very nice tune, but unbelievably cheesy lyrics. Finally, I wrote it into this song, which is about how you can always look to your friends to help you through any difficulties.

Isaac Lim is a 14 year old boy who has been homeschooling his whole life. In his spare time, he likes making things, especially music.

2. “Leanne’s Song” by Leanne Lim

Performed by
Leanne Lim on vocals
Harley Lim on vocals and guitar
Hans Lim on guitar
Jayson Lim on cajon

Leanne : I wrote my song based on my past experiences with “best friends”. During the workshop, I learnt about using songs to express feelings, so I used that idea to write my song. It originally had a chorus, but eventually it changed into what it is now.

Leanne Lim is the second of 4 children and has one adopted sister and one foster brother. Like her birth siblings, she has been homeschooled since young by her mum. She likes to read, talk to friends, and do French homework.

3. “Love Will Make Room” by Tay Hwee Ling

Performed by
Leanne Lim on vocals
Hans Lim on vocals and guitar

Tay Hwee Ling is a stay-at-home mum to 6 children. She has been homeschooling her 4 older children for a decade. She is passionate about music, singing, and has a heart for fostering. She has adopted a child from foster care, and is currently fostering one child. “Love Will Make A Room” is sung by her daughter, Leanne.

4. “The Day I Laughed” by Elizabeth Koh 

Spoken Word. Performed by
Elizabeth Koh
Sarah Lim

Elizabeth Koh is sixteen years old and has been to public school for half a year prior to being homeschooled. She loves to create art, binge-watch k-dramas, and indulge in webtoons during her free time.

5. “Peace” by Lee Cheng Yong

Performed by
Jonan Chiang on vocals
Rebecca Teoh on vocals
Lee Yi Ren on guitar
Lee Cheng Yong on shaker

Cheng Yong : This song is about a boy receiving comfort from his father when he was feeling down. It is inspired by my experience during a period of depression. Initially, I was struggling with anxiety and fears on my own. Thankfully, I opened up to my parents, and with their support and my faith in God, I came out of depression.

Lee Cheng Yong has been a homeschooler almost all his life, aside from attending a private school for a couple of years. He enjoys playing soccer and playing the piano.

6. “The Lonely Man” by Rachel Lim & Sean Lim

Performed by
Rachel Lim on lyrics, video
Sean Lim on melody, audio production

Rachel : This song is about a man who feels out of place in his own country. We were asked to write about something that bothered us, and I wanted to write about belonging and heritage. While at first I wrote lyrics that were more specific, eventually I ended up exploring these concepts in a more general narrative. I hope you enjoy the song.

Rachel Lim is nineteen years old and has been homeschooled for more than ten years. She enjoys reading, writing, and rainy days.

Sean Lim is a homeschooler who enjoys listening to music and making music on his computer. He’s also a big football fan.

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