Homeschool Sports Day Sign Up Form… and a short history

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And a special

History of the Homeschool Sports Day 

2010 was the year I first organised the Homeschool Sports Day. It was a crazy idea that popped into my mind one day and I thought, “Well, why not?”

I organised it for two years, 2010 at the Sports School and 2011 at Clementi Stadium. After that, the younger brother of a homeschool parent, who was doing a sports management course at NTU, approached me and offered to organise the event for 2012. I was happy to pass it on to him because he had a ready team of fellow students to run the whole event, plus various contacts with sponsors. That student team ran the event for 3 years: 2012 at Republic Polytechnic, 2013 at SMU, and 2015 at Yio Chu Kang Stadium. Those events featured a variety of sporting activities apart from running races, such as nerf gun shooting, hockey, obstacle course.

Organisation of the Sports Day stopped after the the leader of the group graduated from NTU. Life caught up, I guess! There was one year after that when we had some discussion and tried to rope in interested parents and teens in the community to take over the organisation but it didn’t take off.

In terms of organising the Sports Day, hunting for a venue was the hardest. Nevertheless, the homeschool community spirit was at its best: Parents and teens volunteered to help with everything else from cutting cloth for competitors’ number bibs to ordering specially engraved medals. Judging from the fact that homeschool “veterans” still bring up their fond memories of the Homeschool Sports Day once in a while, I think everyone had fun!

Shan Chua
Founder of the Homeschool Sports Day