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Meet the Homeschool Sports Day Team!

Meet the Sports Day 2018 Team. They are dedicated, hardworking folks who are running this mega event for the community. 

Organiser : Angela Lim-Er
I have 4 children under 12. I enjoy running a lot. It is my dream to enable children to have as much fun with this sport as I do. Come! Join us!

Eileen Yeo
I have 2 boys, 6 and 2. I love sports, nature and play. I am a health and fitness enthusiast. It’s been such a blessing to work with this group of enthusiast mums and dads.

Patricia Tan
I have 2 kids, 8 and 5. My family and I love sports and the outdoors. This will be a fun way of enjoying the sport with like-minded families.

Megan Low
I have 3 kids aged 11, 7 and 5. The Sports Day will be a great opportunity for the community to come together and cheer each other on.

Zara Ong
I have 2 boys,  7 and 5. Our children will have so much fun racing and stretch their limitations. And we get to do it with a community of like-minded families.

Wan Ying
My girls are 8 and 4. I want my kids to experience sportsmanship through friendly races. Let’s make sports more vibrant in this community!

Kendice Chan
I have 3 lovely children, 12, 9 and 7. I enjoy running and swimming. I believe sports build character and I hope to cultivate the love for sports in my children.

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