Interview with the organiser of the Homeschool Sports Day, Angela Lim-Er

What made you want to organise this? 

I love sports. School sports day used to be my highlight of the entire school year. I want to share that experience with my children. Since it hasn’t been happening for a few years in the homeschooling community, I decided it’s time to take action and make things happen. I want to give our children an avenue to try their best. I want them to dare to succeed and dare to fail. I want them to experience in a real concrete way what it means to come alongside their friend to encourage them. I want them to enjoy the process. A Sports day event is a great platform for this.

Tell us about your sports/outdoor background and interests.

I run, hike and golf. My first love is running. I used to play for the school netball team too. Actually I like all land sports. I think sports is really good for training discipline and character. It’s just you and the road/ball/wall. There is nowhere to hide.

As a homeschool parent, how would the homeschool sports day be different from outside sports event?

We are homeschoolers, we do life as a family. In addition to the usual running events, we will also have races for mom & dad, family and also pre-primary kids. It will be fun!

People want to come cheer for their friends. What else should we bring to enjoy the event together?

Just come with your best and loudest cheer. And bring your family!