Open Call for “The Homeschool Book Project”

To be launched next year at the Homeschool Convention 2019, Homeschool Singapore is spearheading “The Homeschool Book Project”, a first of its kind in our local homeschooling community! Read on…


What is it? 

“The Homeschool Book Project” will be an e-book that compiles stories from the local homeschooling community to inspire and encourage the community. Think of it as a cross between Chicken Soup for the Soul + Kinfolk magazine + … for Dummies guide. It will contain authentic, heartwarming accounts of homeschooling, beautiful layout and photos, as well as tips for each season as you teach your own from 5 till adulthood.

Who is it for?

“The Homeschool Book Project” is for everyone in the homeschooling community in Singapore (and beyond, if they like it!). We want stories relevant to our experience of homeschooling as Singaporeans, as expats in Singapore, even Singaporeans based overseas.  


Who can write?

Anyone who is literately coherent, is a homeschooler, and can submit their manuscripts by 25 October 2018. The word count is between 1000-2000 words. This should give you enough space to fill in the blanks while juggling your everyday schedule. 

What must I write about?

Write about an aspect of your homeschooling journey that you are comfortable to share with the public. The aim is to encourage other homeschoolers, so don’t hold back on the authenticity. Your angle could be 

  • Age-based – preschoolers, primary schoolers, teens, young adults, parents
  • Issue-based – caregiving for the elderly while homeschooling, balancing special needs in your family, healthy living, how to live a sports filled life
  • About answering a question – How does one start out in homeschooling? What happens when you need to move out of the country? How do you homeschool in Singapore as an expat? 
  • Group-specific – addressing the homeschool vegans, representing the homeschool Muslim community, raise awareness of supporting parents of special needs children.

As long as your manuscript contains truthful, authentic accounts of the homeschooling journey, the angle is creatively yours. If you struggle with being too vulnerable, write with a specific audience in mind to develop. This will give you a safe distance to be open and encouraging at the same time.

The team will help to edit the articles according to grammar, length, themes/sections. We will also guide you in developing your article, e.g. hey you need to include a section of “What Not to Do If Your Preschooler Gets Bored”.

Can I involve others in my writing? Can kids submit their writing?

Yes! You can band together as a family to write. Write with friends, as a co-op, as a community. Just have fun!

Some ideas :

  • Younger kids can contribute their craft as photos. Parents can write about the preschool years in a “3 Big Lessons I Learnt from 3 Kids” article.
  • “A Typical Day in the Lives of __” You and your teen can submit different versions on homeschooling on a typical day.
  • “How to be Veggy Inclusive in our Homeschool Potlucks” by the vegans. Includes 3 recipes for you to try at home.

How and what to submit?

Our submission deadline is 25 October 2018. When you are ready, email with :

  1. Manuscript. Typed, single spaced, font 10, Arial/Courier New/Times New Roman/Helvetica. Word Count : 1000-2000
  2. Images. If you have images to submit, it should be high res, not grainy. Submit only up to 2 images max.
  3. Name of Writer(s) : First Name/Last Name.
  4. Name of Representative (if you rep a group or family) and email.


How will the final product look like?

image : Kinfolk Magazine

The e-book will look minimal, clean, simple. You will love it.

It can be downloaded or browsed online.

Thinking of Kindle? Maybe next round. Let’s just get a community started writing a book first. Then we see where we go. You never know… this could be the seed of a homeschool publishing house!

How much would it cost?

It would be available FREE to the local homeschooling community. You will get a special link in your e-pack during the Homeschool Convention 2019. Of course, “The Homeschool Book Project” contributors will get their book ahead of everyone – first dips special! 


Is there ad space? Who can submit ads?

Yes, we will include ad space. “The Homeschool Book Project” targets homeschoolers who want to advertise their goods and services, not outside vendors. We want YOU to know about one another’s work. This is sustainable living!

Is there an advertising fee?

Yes. The fees are low and the spaces would be great looking.

Inside and Back Cover, A4 : SGD $100
Other pages A4 (10 spaces) : SGD $75
Other pages A5 (10 spaces) : SGD $50

We will not take smaller than A5. Advertisers need to send us a high res image. Full coloured or otherwise, is up to you. We will NOT edit graphics or check typos for you. (If it is too obiang, we will put up a red flag, ok.) Please ensure this is good before you send us. Fees would be collected once your advertising space is confirmed. 

Why should you consider advertising in “The Homeschool Book Project”? 

  • Opportunity. Learn to grow your business in the community.
  • Niche. The ads are specific to our community and you know what you can offer.
  • Affordabilty. Take the plunge now while the ad fee is low too. 
  • Support. This is a community initiative.
  • Reach. The e-book will go places. It would be disseminated to the local homeschoolers. Homeschoolers are well known for sharing goodies.
  • “The Homeschool Book Project” will be so beautiful, you will be upset not being part of it.

Where does the money go to?

The fees will offset 

  • costs incurred in making this book e.g. paying for a suitable digital platform to release, publicity etc. 
  • funding further publications by homeschoolers. We want to see more stories and resources by local homeschoolers.
  • Funding the editorial team’s year end trip to Bali


“The Homeschool Book Project” team is a group of homeschool parents juggling their caregiving duties AND loving you to do this community project.