Introducing… Little U!

You might have heard of Little U in a past interview here : “On my to-do list is an upcoming programme called Little U. I want to kickstart a tertiary-like experience for our homeschool community – parents and kids. I think learning is lifelong, and we should help one another find opportunities to grow our interests. I want to work with companies, organisations and individuals in Singapore and beyond, to find meaningful internships and exposure for homeschoolers. In the next 10 years, the education landscape is not one of certification but of apprenticeship.” 

This is a little introduction on Little U from Homeschool Singapore founder, Dawn Fung.

Expect from Little U : 

  • OPEN LEARNING, through a variety of learning modules from the best in our homeschooling community. It is open from aged 5 to parents.
  • BRILLIANT FACULTY. The faculty of Little U are fellow homeschooling parents who push their boundaries, and share expertise to teach one another’s own. We will journey with you in your Little U homeschooling years.
  • CAREER BREADTH, guest speakers who are top in their fields, share their wisdom, and answer questions from open learners!
  • THE OUTREACH, where we bring the best of home education to the mainstream. We want to inspire parents in Singapore through our experiences of teaching our own. You don’t have to be homeschoolers to attend this!
  • HIGH AFFORDABILTY, LOW BARRIERS. We will be offering homeschoolers a one time registration fee for unlimited sign ups for modules and guest speakers. How much you want to learn is up to you. You make your calendar. Be free to travel, pursue interests and attend Little U at the same time.
  • OPPORTUNITES TO GROW. We will hire you (tweens, teens, parents) for internships, administration, teaching, and outreach. Build portfolio with us.

Little U runs from June to March annually. There will be a break during Homeschool Convention season.

Watch this space for the next post on Little U’s Guest Speakers.