When you apply to homeschool in Singapore as a Singaporean, you have to get the Compulsory Education exemption form. “C.E” is the abbreviation for Compulsory Education. When homeschoolers say, “It’s time to apply for CE”, it’s short form for saying, “It’s that time of the year to get the form from MOE to get exempted from CE.”

In The C.E Talk, we will cover the process to apply for CE exemption and how to understand this process as a meaningful way of documenting your own homeschooling journey.

The C.E. Talk aims to be a yearly event for young homeschoolers and those applying to homeschooling in Primary Years. Each year’s C.E. Talk will feature a panel of homeschoolers whose stories will help assure those seeking an alternative education pathway for their children.


Date : 28 August 2018, Tuesday
Time : 230pm-5pm
Venue : Seminar Room 2. Qiren Tampines, 9 Tampines Grande, Level 2. Singapore 528735
Tickets : $15/pax or $25/couple
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The C.E. Talk Panel 2018

Dawn Fung is the founder of Homeschool Singapore. Her heart is to see homeschool as a viable option in Singapore, and parents empowered to teach their own. She will go through the CE exemption form and explain how this is a common sense exercise. It is not difficult at all. There will be some examples given, including an Individualised Education Plan for Special Needs homeschoolers.

Felicia Teo is a mother-of-three who is in her seventh year of homeschooling. She will share how CE exemption for diploma holders is a possibility and a courageous decision for parents who are serious to homeschool their children.

Connie Chua is a homeschool veteran in the local community. She has four children, the last one now in the last year of homeschool. The rest have finished their journey. She will share her wisdom of life beyond academics in one’s homeschool journey. Connie is also one of one of the three Homeschool Consultants at Homeschool Singapore.

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