Little U’s The Outreach – classes for everyone!

What is Little U’s The Outreach?

The Outreach is Little U’s classes for the masses. This is the part where we share it all, homeschooling or main-schooling! The Outreach (2018-2019) will have 5 workshops centred about the theme : PARENTING. It’s up our alley and we would like YOU to have the best of it too.

The Outreach features home educators who are known or have influence in the local homeschooling community. We want to share our wisdom gleaned from our homeschooling journey with like-minded folks – people who ask, “Tell me how you do it? How do I get the stuff for my kids too?” The objective is to engage in overlapping points of interests between home educators and the public, especially on children’s rights, education and parenting.

We are pleased to have these 5 workshops to kick off year 1 of The Outreach :

How to Build a Parenting Community
by Dawn Fung

For homeschoolers, our support network is so important that it is the first infrastructure that is developed when we join the community, not curriculum. Just like that adage where it takes a village to raise a child, I believe it takes a a few villages to raise a parent. This talk will empower parents to build a parenting community for their journey ahead. Register here

Decoding Your Child™ for Cyber Safety
by Vivian Kwek

The 2-hour Decoding Your Child™ for Cyber Safety Seminar is filled with insights on the dangers of the internet and why children are addicted to the internet. More importantly, it will share strategies to empower parents to help their children overcome that addiction. It will include a Question and Answer Session to help parents address their queries and incorporate the ideas and strategies presented in the Seminar to their parenting toolkit. Register here

PSLE Math Conversations for Busy Parents
by Wendy Koh

“In this session, I hope to share with you some math conversations that I had with my son in our homeschool journey that led him to ace PSLE Math with an A*, and how we did so with little drills. I’ll like to shock you with how simple, enjoyable and cheap our journey was, and give you tips on how it can be so for you too. If you have a child between ages 1 and 11, do come and learn together.” Register here

Parenting the Heart
by Tammy Hitchens

Tammy Hitchens is a well known name in the homeschooling community in Singapore. It is not because she has 13 children. It’s because she has encouraged so many parents in their journey to parent the hearts of their children. Tammy is a wonderful storyteller; she speaks in an honest, assuring way that refreshes all who hear. This is a session not to be missed by one of the most respected individuals in our homeschooling community. Register here

Fathering Interest-Led Learning
by Samuel Lim

“My name is Phoebe and I am 11 years old. I love cooking and I want to help as many people as I can with my cooking. I raised about $18000 for people who need help by selling my homemade Sambal Tumis and Kaya. I want to publish my cookbook as I want to donate the money that I collect from selling the cookbook to a cancer related charity. This cookbook is my culinary love letter to my home, Singapore. It will feature 30 of my favourite recipes. All of them are of local dishes. I’d like anyone who reads this to fall in love with local food and appreciate the different food we enjoy here in Singapore.” 

Meet Samuel, Phoebe’s dad. He has been investing in her life as a homeschooling parent, and focusing on growing her interests dedicatedly. Wouldn’t your children benefit from that kind of perspective too? Register here

You can get more information on The Outreach classes here. 

Little U is a dedicated learning platform for homeschoolers aged 5-99 to enjoy learning from one another‘s expertise, as well as career exposure talks by guest speakers in the industry. The Outreach is Little U’s classes for the public.