The Outreach : PSLE Math Conversations for Busy Parents

Coming up this Sat Nov 17, is Wendy Koh’s talk for The Outreach. The Outreach is a platform to share what we’ve learnt from our homeschooling journey to parents everywhere. This is a talk for parents of kids 1-11 preparing for the PSLE Math paper.

SPEAKER : Wendy Koh
VENUE : Qiren Tampines
DATE : Saturday 17 Nov, 2018
TICKET : $30 Purchase here.

What is it about?

“An old Englishman once told me that the family of Joe Baker were bakers, and that of Joe Carpenter were carpenters, and that’s how their family names came about. Parents imparted their family trade, wisdom and values to their children.

That is my wish for you, that you can be empowered with confidence to impart to your own children. I believe that learning and family life can be lived out in tandem, and is within the reach of most families that desire to enjoy their own children especially during their early years.

In this session, I hope to share with you some math conversations that I had with my son in our homeschool journey that led him to ace PSLE Math with an A*, and how we did so with little drills. I’ll like to shock you with how simple, enjoyable and cheap our journey was, and give you tips on how it can be so for you too.

If you have a child between ages 1 and 11, do come and learn together.” ~ Wendy Koh

Who is Wendy Koh?

Wendy Koh homeschooled her son through PSLE to the IGCSE exams. She is passionate about helping other parents conduct short, productive and fun-filled conversations on math topics with their children that can help them through school.

Who should attend?

Any parent interested to learn how to prepare for PSLE Math like it is an exciting holiday destination!

What would you get out of it?

You will learn simple tips and tweaks that will make a big difference in your child’s journey in the world of Math.