The Outreach : Parenting the Heart

Coming up this Sat Nov 24, is Tammy Hitchens’s talk for The Outreach “Parenting the Heart”. The Outreach is a platform to share what we’ve learnt from our homeschooling journey to parents everywhere. This is a talk for ALL parents. You do not need to homeschool, and you can apply the principles according to your family’s needs.

SPEAKER : Tammy Hitchens
VENUE : Qiren Tampines
DATE : Saturday 24 Nov, 2018
TICKET : $30 Register here

What is it about?

Tammy Hitchens is a well known name in the homeschooling community in Singapore. It is not because she has 13 children. It’s because she has encouraged so many parents in their journey to parent the hearts of their children. Tammy is a wonderful storyteller; she speaks in an honest, assuring way that refreshes all who hear.
This is a session not to be missed by one of the most respected individuals in our homeschooling community.

Who is Tammy Hitchens?

Tammy Hitchens is an Australian mother of thirteen living and home educating in Singapore with 10 of her 13 children since 2014. Tammy has accumulated 27 years of parenting experience with her 7 sons and 6 daughters and has faced many challenges during her journey and has a real interest in seeing parents enabled to understand their importance and capability to fulfil their role.

Who should attend?

All parents and parents-to-be.

What would you get out of it?

You will learn some simple yet powerful keys to equip you in raising your children.