Homeschool Village @ Homeschool Convention 2019

Here comes the Homeschool Village! The second day of the Convention is 5 breakout sessions – small group workshops around topics close to our hearts : Business, New Homeschoolers, Recreation, Special Education Needs, Society. 30 spaces for each workshop.

updated 12.3.2019 : Your ticket at Homeschool Village on April 11 will allow you access to 2 workshops, light food, and other activities that make up Village life. Workshop 1 happens 11am-12:30pm. Workshop 2 happens 1:30pm-3pm.

Unless you have bought a KDOZ space, please make babysitting arrangements as the Convention messages are for parents on April 10-11. Tickets are closed for this event.

Meet the Homeschool Village Director and workshop leaders :

The Homeschool Village is conceptualised by Anju Tupili. 

Love and Laughter are key to Anju’s rhythm of life. And she finds both of these abundantly in the company of youth and community. She is fueled each morning over chats about no-thing serious with her family, over her essential cup of coffee. Even with greying hair she camouflages well with those young at heart. Though her position as a Classical Conversations Director for high-schoolers may seem like a serious role, she works it out with convivial zest. She also invests time with youth in the ICC community and her Church youth. And don’t be surprised if you catch her grooving to #inmyfeelingsChallenge Anju’s passion and interest in having real conversations that matter, led her to brainstorm the Day 2 program for this Homeschool Convention 2019. Anju was a keynote speaker at Homeschool Convention 2018.

How do I do business with the family?
How can home-grown businesses be a curriculum on its own?
How do I feel productive while managing the children? 

Facilitated by Felicia Tan. This homeschooling mum of 3 runs It’s All Good, a brand that encapsulates wholesomeness and quality. It’s All Good is her 3rd entrepreneurial pursuit and all were birthed from both a place of dissatisfaction and passion because she is believes that “Life is not meant to be mediocre!” (A phrase often used by her husband.)

New Homeschoolers
Whether your kid joined homeschooling midway from school, from preschool or into the teens, join us. The first 3 years are fraught with insecurity and frustration especially if you have been trying to do school at home! We help you allay some of those doubts and meet good people.

Facilitated by Daphne Pang and Tsui Ling Hoy.

Daphne is a mom to three sporty boys who keep her on her toes. They’ve homeschooled for 10 years, she’s been through three PSLEs and she calculates she has another eight years to go to her homeschooling graduation. She considers these homeschooling years a redemption of her own education. When she’s not wading through school work, she’s baking or thinking about what to bake next.

Tsui Ling is a mom to six children and has been homeschooling since her eldest was three. He has completed his high school education and is now awaiting to be enlisted into NS. When she first started homeschooling, there were very few homeschoolers around and she had minimal support. Her never-call-it-quits spirit has helped her press on even when homeschooling was not smooth sailing. She is particular about the food her children eat and will always try to whip up a homecooked meal whenever possible. Together with Daphne, she hopes to help young homeschoolers address questions they have about homeschooling and also share her experiences as she believes a parent is the best teacher for his/her children.

Facilitated by Connie Chua 

Is there time for myself in homeschool? 
Should I take up a hobby? Who will join me?

Connie loves team sports and got involved in netball training after she signed up for a sports mission trip to Hyderabad, India, 10 years ago. It was hectic and she fell flat after Sat training. Then she was coaxed into joining a group of homeschooling moms who meet weekly to run. Within 12 months she signed up for 2 10km races, ran her first half-marathon with her hubby and the 2nd Half-marathon 5 weeks later! How did she do it since she dislikes jogging and used to drag her feet whenever her hubby invited her to do a short run?

Special Education Needs
Facilitated by Apple Wong. Featuring Michelle Lim-Yan and Mark Lim

Are there many SEN parents like me? 
How can I help my child better? 
How can the homeschooling community support inclusivity more?

Apple is married to a very supportive and involved husband, Chee Meng. Their three blessings are John (18yo), Rebecca (15yo) and Li-Ann (13yo) who has Down syndrome. Come and be encouraged by Apple who sees each child with his/ her unique set of gifts, challenges and immense potential to succeed in life. Visit her blog to know more.

Facilitated by Angela Lim-Er and Dawn Fung

What does it mean to care for the marginalised among us?
I’m so full with my homeschooling duties. How can I even give more?
What is the purpose of engaging in societal concerns if we are such a small community?

Angela is a mum to 4 kids under 12. She used to work in the finance industry but chose to homeschool in 2011. Although she has no teaching background, she loves children and loves to learn. She is an active, outdoorsy mum who will be organising 2019’s Homeschool Sports Day. This year, she will share how her family gives back to the community through their work with the migrant workers.

Dawn is founder of Homeschool Singapore. Her heart is to see ordinary people rise up in their extraordinary ways in everyday living. Grassroots community building is close to her heart. When she first started homeschooling, she volunteered at a local student care corner cooking lunch for the kids. Currently she runs the sunday school at her church. Along with Angela Lim-Er, she will facilitate discussions on how the homeschooling community has a part to play in society as Singaporeans and guests in this island country.

How to purchase your ticket :
1. Pick ONE morning workshop from 11am-12:30pm. 

2. Pick ONE afternoon workshop from 1:30pm-3pm. 
3. Make payment. 

If you made your purchase earlier, just choose an afternoon workshop. The one you paid for will be the morning one.