Meet the HomeschoolSG-ActiveSG Track Meet 2019 Team

Meet the 5 ordinary ladies organising the HomeschoolSG-ActiveSG Track Meet in 2019. Yes, we are as ordinary or as special as any of you. We stepped up to organise this event with just a passion to serve our community in the area of sports. We are:

  • Adventurous Angela who always asks “why not?”
  • Warm-hearted Wan Ying who always think of others before self
  • Merry Megan who is easily cheered up (with a dessert)
  • Multi-tasking Mei Ling who can rise up to any challenge even with an infant hanging on her
  • And finally Energetic Eileen who just can’t stop moving.


This is our second year organising the Track Meet. Last year, we had Republic Polytechnic onboard to support our event. This year? A tripartite partnership among ActiveSG, Republic Polytechnic and Homeschool Singapore! ActiveSG will be providing professional coaches as track judges, starters and time keepers, while Republic Polytechnic will be planning and executing the Family Fun Race and supplying student leaders to assist the ActiveSG coaches.

We were very thankful for the good weather and great crowd last year. It was (and will be!) indeed the most adrenaline-pumping homeschool event!

We have been working very hard since January to make this happen again. This year we are confident that the event will be more exciting and competitive! We heard that some co-ops are taking a break from academic schedule to train together. Dads have been training since July last year, and mums have been preparing their toddlers for the 60m red carpet runway.

Save the date now!
Date: 1 June 2019, Saturday
Time: 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm
Venue: Bukit Gombak Stadium

Race events still open for registration:
60m dash (3-6yo) – FILLING FAST!
100m race (5-17yo)
200m race (7-17yo)
400m race (9-17yo)
4x100m relay (9-17yo)

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now at

Registration closes 12 April 2019, 2359h… or earlier if all slots are filled. So hurry!

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