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Day 1: What to set up at home?

Eat and build.

I often go out, but this COVID-19 thing is making me stay put! When I want to feel comfortable staying in, I fortify my…kitchen. There is nothing like a well stocked fridge, larder and beverage bar when you stay in. Food makes everyone less grouchy. And I need my coffee. (My homeschooling neighbour across the road grinds fresh coffee for my stock. #lovethyneighbour)

Then, build your home library. This is based on what resources your family enjoys. My home library isn’t really books. It is a mix of what we like having around most. My girls are on an online program with Galileo. They read their favourite books again and again. And they prefer borrowing books from friends. We enjoy Netflix. So our home learning is bound by food, gadgets, comfort reads and shows. It makes us happy.

A great set up is always customised to your family’s routines and personality. We don’t follow timetables. One kid likes to do her work only when she is bored. Another kid prefers doing her homework in the morning. But children learn, as do adults, that what makes you happy can build your confidence. Happy home learning!

1. What keeps your family intellectually and emotionally filled?
2. How would you design a home library according to your needs?


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