Learning at Home Series

Day 2: Connecting and Creating beautiful memories

Focus on remembering the good.

Over the past few weeks, we learnt that change is the only constant. Our meetups, playdates and co-ops have been cancelled or postponed, while we practise social responsibility and social distancing. We found ourselves suddenly endowed with plenty of time to dwell into what we love and enjoy doing. 

There were some changes to our daily rhythm, and these are written out so my child knows what to expect or anticipate. However,  we don’t run on a colour coded schedule and not every hour is planned out. There is a certain free flow to our day, and my kid’s imagination takes flight through the Amazon and Redmart delivery boxes that come into the house. Best toys, ever!

Some days, we just read. We enjoy reading, and books are usually placed within reach from the sofa. When energies seem to be bursting through the seams of the walls, we head down to the park and unleash those energies by blowing bubbles. Often, kids will come back to us with something they have spotted and observed: a bird chirping, a flower blooming, shapes of the clouds. Let the children reclaim their wonder of this world. I always treasure times like this, for it will be soon that they will fly the nests.

“What’s pivotal in our daily rhythm is the one hour block of quiet time.”

Being homebound also translates to more culinary experiments with my child: washing, cutting, measuring, baking, reading recipes and gathering what we need for a meal. What seems mundane to us, adults, is an opportunity for the child to dwell in meaningful work – the ability to complete a task of interest (in this case, meal preparation) and serve the needs of his/her family. Positive moments like this help reinforce a child’s esteem and gives the child confidence in undertaking future tasks.

What’s pivotal in our daily rhythm is the one hour block of quiet time. During this time, adults and kids have an hour to themselves to do anything they like, but quietly. It can be reading a book, drawing, writing or even taking a nap. Take it like a reset in the day. This is also the time I claim back some sanity and top up on coffee. I need to fill my cup so I can pour out of it.

Not all days go according to plan. There will be resistance, there will be arguments, and there will be character issues to work on. When tensions are high, take a breather and know it is ok to turn on the TV and watch an episode of Paw Patrol. 

You’ve got this. You are enough.


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