Play together everyday.

I try to play a game or two with my children daily. Board games and card games are a great way to reset a rough morning when everyone is feeling cranky. Children also learn organically through games.

When news of the Covid-19 virus broke out, I struggled with how to tell my children about the situation without traumatising them. I want to reassure them and help them see hope in the midst of all the bad news. This card game is created with this aim in mind. Improvised from a game by Logicmills, it’s easy to learn, fun and empowering. You just need a pack of Poker or UNO cards to play. Play away!

Bust the Virus

Scientists all over the world are racing to contain the Covid-19 pandemic by developing a vaccine. But first, we need to unlock the secrets of the virus. Join this team of brave men and women in their fight. Be the first player to decode the genes of the virus. Keep your wits about you! The virus is mutating…again.

Material needed:

1.) Ace, 2-10 cards from the spade and heart suits. (20 cards in all)


2.) 0-9 UNO cards from the red and green suits (20 cards in all)


1.) Shuffle deck of 20 cards. Deal: 4 cards each for 2 players, 3 cards each for 3 players, 2 cards each for 4 players.

2.) Place remaining cards face down in the middle as the draw pile.

3.) Players will look at their cards and place them face down in front of them in ascending order (smallest to largest value), from the left to the right. If they have 2 cards of the same value, a spade will go before a heart. (If UNO cards are used, red will go before green.)

Playing the game:

The oldest player begins.

1.) Draw a card

On his turn, a player will draw a card and place it face up in ascending order with his own cards.

2.) Decode the virus

The player will guess the value and suit of any of the other players’ cards by pointing at it and calling out his guess. E.g “ 2 spade!” If his guess is correct, the other player will turn that card face up and he can continue making another guess. If his guess is wrong, his turn is over.

Game end:

The game ends when a player has guessed all the cards in front of any other player. He has successfully decoded the genes of the virus!

The game can also end when a player takes the last card from the draw pile and is unable to guess all the cards in front of another player. The virus has gained an upper hand this time but the scientists will never give up!

Here is a video showing the game play:

Have fun!

Wan Ling