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Day 4: Chalk it up

Have fun with chalk.

Truth be told, this staying home all day thing is new to us too. In a typical week, we are out 3-4 weekdays at least, so we are also having to get used to this time of social distancing and not meeting up with our friends.

But we do stay home more than the average family, I imagine, so we are used to making do with what we have at home. Instead of using our chalk board at home, we sometimes take it a few steps outside. We have an outdoor spot downstairs that even though it was the school holidays, no one was there. So we did some chalk drawing and spelling there. The kids get their dose of Vitamin D and fresh air to keep their immunity up, while we still practise #socialdistancing.

We bring a carton of water to wash our chalk markings away when we are done. On this day, we also jumped into the resulting puddles and talked about the different footprints and bicycle track marks that we made. It was a hot day so within 30 min, the ground was dry, prompting questions about evaporation, and the factors that influence its rate.

You can use chalk to write or draw at the corridor right outside your flat, as we often do. Another idea is to use a wet paintbrush – just use water – to “paint” on the floor or pavement. Bathroom walls are our canvas too – we use watercolours and the kids each have a sponge to wash them off after. They get to paint and play, and I have a sparkling new shower area after. The kids get their dose of Vitamin D and fresh air to keep their immunity up, while we still practise #socialdistancing.

Have fun with your children!


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