Be curious in the time you spend together.

“Wow, this is really amazing!” exclaimed my eldest as she was scrutinising and comparing the growth of a bean under different conditions. “Look at the roots Mummy! Look at how it twists and turns! And the leaves! Wow! Why do two leaves come out? Where did they come from?

It surprised me that so many interesting observations, and inquisitive questions could come from the simplest of activities. A week ago, all we did was to go around the home and gather commons seeds (e.g. sunflower seeds, green beans, soya beans, coriander), put them inside plastic bags with wet kitchen towels, and place them in different environments (e.g dark, cold, bright). Within a week, we had so many things to talk about! And so many things to learn about seeds and plants. We had fun making guesses of the outcomes and coming up with explanations for the results.

The simplest activities can be the most rewarding. And triggers the most creativity from our children, My daughter reminded me that children are born with a natural sense of curiosity- always wondering, always observing, always learning and always discovering. We only need to direct their attention to the world around them. The activities we choose to do with our children don’t always have to be complex or unique. What is meaningful is to discover the joy of spending an extended time learning, sharing, and exploring together.