Make a preschool at home.

Covid 19 has affected all of us in one way or another. We are thankful we have been healthy and well, but we do feel the effects of the coronavirus situation by way of less outings and more time at home.

Staying home for extended periods of time gets a little trickier when you have preschoolers in toll – 5 years and under. Preschoolers tend to get bored easily and when they’re bored, they can get a tad whiny.

A little boredom, in fact, is good for them as it allows for creativity and imagination. However, I have found that good living books are an excellent way to bring our kids places from the confines of our home. We take it a step further by expanding on our reading with an intentional activity/project a day.

Pick a good book – one with beautiful pictures and telling words, and see where it takes you. (Connect with me on Instagram to find out what books are interesting!)


1. Look at the pictures and think – can I duplicate a picture for art activity? Or do a craft related to the story?

2. Look at the story- can I create a sensory bin experience? Or role play?

3. Look at the characters or setting – can we read/ research more about the animals or country the story is set in?

There really is no limit to what we can think up. Give it a go and be impressed with what you can actually come up with when you have a good book in hand! Have fun!


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