Learning at Home Series

Day 13: Connect in the kitchen

Bond over education in the kitchen.

Social distancing measures & schools having home-based learning would mean more time spent at home, & that likely translates to more meals being cooked/eaten at home. So why not kill 2 birds with 1 stone by prepping meals with your kids, while using the time to bond?

Each child in our family is rostered for lunch duty one day of the week (while the others take turns to babysit the toddler). During that time, they help to cook & serve lunch in whatever capacity they are able, while I use the time to chat & bond with that particular child. The 4 yo can make sandwiches & set the table, while the older boys are able to cook simple meals such as aglio olio or pizza.

Learning how to cook & bonding aside, meal prep time can include plenty of real life learning too. There’s a wide range of subjects you can cover:

1. Physics: How are can-openers & scissors similar in the way they work? Why do we use wood to make spatulas, & metal to make pots? What can we do to ensure that the meat defrosts faster?

2. Chemistry: What actually happens when we add salt to meat? Why do we use icing sugar & not regular sugar when we make a no-bake cheesecake?

3. Biology: What makes a balanced diet? Why do we include vegetables in every meal? What does rice & pasta contain? What vitamins & minerals can we find in avocados? Are cherry tomatoes fruit or vegetables?

4. Safety: What precautions do we need to take when handling electrical appliances? Why do we need to keep raw meats chilled? How do I handle a knife safely? Why do we need to wash our hands after handling raw meat?

5. Math: What time would the pasta be done? How much more flour do we need to add to our dough? If we double our recipe, what volume of water would we require?

6. Geography: Where do these ingredients come from? Why are they grown there, & not locally?

There is so much that can be learnt just through preparing meals together, so why not try cooking with your kid when you are all stuck home & trying to beat cabin fever?


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