“A family that cleans together stays healthy and happy together!”

Chores have a bad rep. If you’re like me, chores are likely the least favoured activity in our daily lives. Did you know that chores make for a great essential life curriculum? Bonus: It is a practical life curriculum that is FREE! 

From Homeschooling gurus to Harvard researchers, much has been said about the value of training a child to do chores about the house. It is truly a holistic curriculum that you can create on your own or google for resources.

ONE simple reason why we should totally feature chores in your homebound life with we children in this Covid-19 season: JOY.

JOY of a comfortable & clean space to make new memories together as a family.

JOY of being reunited with a long-lost fave toy.

JOY of discovering the last bag of chips.

JOY of knowing you are capable of slaying the “Medusa of Mess”.

JOY of learning a new domestic skill.

JOY of being surprised by your children’s capacity for managing tasks beyond their years.

Chores can be enjoyable.

Try these ideas to help make chores fun: 

  1. Make a Lucky Dip box for picking out their own chores. 
  2. Challenge them to pick as many out of place items in a minute. 
  3. Do up a chore reward chart where an X number of chores completed earns an extra cookie or ice-cream. Get creative!

A family that cleans together stays healthy and happy together!


1. What is one chore you could start getting your child/ren to do more of? Pick a date and time this week to start!

2. What is one chore you really detest and why? If you could do or learn one thing to make this chore more enjoyable, what would it be?


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