Learning at Home Series

Bonus Story Day 15: Be the Change

Be the thermostat in your home.

1. Form a Routine: I don’t have a highly engineered schedule but do have a general plan that we can adapt. Each night I lay out clothes for the next day, and write a basic list of tasks and meals we will make as a guide. Alarms and timers are set for everything on my phone, especially things like: washing loads, food items preparation, cooking or proofing dough.

Most days we have core desk work done early by independent learners, and then the real learning starts – projects, cooking, picnics, documentaries, online gaming and chats with friends. One on one work is done when the baby and toddler nap. We spend the last hour of our day wearing out our little ones with games. We try to make even simple meals special by presenting them well.

I have a newborn and some feeding issues at the moment causing me pain and lack of sleep and my children have lost their usual outings. We had to stop hosting, which is one of our favourite things, but forming our “new normal” is always vital for keeping things on track.

2. Anything is fun when it is done with music, we put on classical music to do our book work or upbeat music while cleaning or cooking. I’m a big believer in doing tasks as a team as it’s more fun that way, children learn long term independence from the confidence gained by first being apprenticed rather than told what to do.

3. You can’t force happiness but you can choose contentment. We focus first on what’s needful and base our days around that, finding joy in the small things by choice. I encourage my children to seek solutions rather than whine, for my own sanity! Instead of “I’m hungry” teach them to ask “may I please have something to eat” or instead of “I’m bored” ask for something to do and I have a list of chores ready! Boredom is not always a bad thing, many great games and memories are birthed in moments when creativity has to be engaged.

4. Be the thermostat in your home, not a thermometer. I strive every single day to moderate my emotions and lead by example first.  So much of the current situation makes us all feel powerless but as a parent we have greater influence than we can ever imagine. It’s more important than ever to be proactive, not reactive, and to remember that children are not capable of changing the tone and mood of a home.


1. What are the basic needs we should structure our routine around?

2. Where am I seeking practical help as a parent to solve problems rather than sinking in them?


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