Learning at Home Series

Bonus Story Day 17: Let Children be Children

Enjoy the children as themselves.

Prior to the novel coronavirus situation, we are out daily for learning and activities. In the current circumstances, our classes have moved online and sports are suspended, so we are “schooling” from home. 

I welcome breaks from our usual activities so that we can slow down, reflect and enjoy the mundane things that we often overlook. Slowing down our lives allows teamwork to manifest itself, such as the sister-team preparing gluten free pancakes for the family’s breakfast. 

This also allows you an opportunity to peep into your children’s world.

Let them tell their story with what they have – a waveboard, a skipping rope, a broom, a trampoline – tools that are turned into lanes with a roundabout, with traffic lights manually controlled by blue and yellow cones. Let the children invite you into it. Enjoy their stories.

Let them tell their tales with Lego bricks. Go on a journey into their imaginary world.

Board games have an unspoken power to bond anyone regardless of age. My 6 year-old is bold enough to play with my 15 year-old. She doesn’t see herself as the weaker link, takes up the challenge, and even initiates play. She doesn’t see her age as a disadvantage because she was never told her age is the limiting factor. 

Children have the inborn ability to learn, to explore, to think, to look for solutions – if only we slow down and allow them time to. 

When children are given time to dream, and not be hurried from one activity to another, their creativity starts to take root and blossom.

This is a great opportunity to slow down, and enjoy the simplest things of life, and enjoy extended time with people who truly matter to us. 


1. What do your children like to do when they have time in their hands?

2. Do they have a chance to be themselves?

3. What does an unhurried day look like for them?

Tsui Ling

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