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Bonus Story Day 19: Never Bored with Board Games

Play boardgames to while away your boredom!

First confession: When I started playing board games with my children, I saw it merely as a (fun) downtime from serious and intentional learning.

Second confession: From the start, I did not see much merit in it for myself, when I introduced my children to the games I grew up with. I felt that I would always be far better than them (it was wrong and warped!) as I have already played those familiar games for many years. 

Third confession: Time and again, I found myself amazed by the adroitness and versatility of my children’s application skills after they have grasped the strategies and concept of each new game. Eventually, I also found myself competing with them on the same level as I would with another adult. And, inevitably, I would lose to them at times too!

Then I realised that playing board games is no child’s play!

One of the greatest benefits I culled from playing board games with my children is that it allows me to study their (and even my) problem-solving skills from the way they strategise their moves. Sometimes, I even learnt a trick or two from them!

We play board games as a family after dinner most nights. It has become a routine which we enjoy because it allows us to unwind together. 

Whenever we have guests over for dinner (pre-COVD-19), we would invite them to play along. I get very tickled and amused to witness how my normally-serious friends would quickly morph into giggling, child-like creatures once they are engrossed in the games. Board games are indeed community-bonders and laughter-inducers! 

Try it… and you’ll find that board games chase away boredom!


  1. Remember the board games you grew up with? Well, you could start off with introducing your family to these old and familiar board games. And, in time, you will discover some favourites that click with your family. You could also share your childhood stories whilst playing the games. Board games are also great for starting, and maintaining, conversations.
  1. When you invite guests or playdates over, you could ask them to bring along their favourite board games so that your family is introduced to new games by people who know how to play them well!
  1. You could also use board games to teach concepts, logic and strategies. There are many games, which could be purchased online. They explain the rationale and benefits of the games too. We also discuss our winning strategies after each game and that increases our level of competitiveness for future games!

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