High School 2020

The HOMESCHOOL E-CONVENTION 2020’s Village and Keynote are happening. We hope you have been enjoying the speeches and workshops. Tomorrow on April 17, the High School Day will take place in the morning, and then the Curriculum Fair in the afternoon. We give you an early heads up on the High School Day if you missed the message!

Ticket holders, pls check your emails late tonight for access to watch the speeches. Please email if you have queries. 

Our organising leaders are a mother and daughter team!

Led by Tsui Ling Hoy (Homeschool Convention 2018 speaker) and Magdalene Hoy (High School Day Speaker 2019), the HIGH SCHOOL DAY features real stories from homeschooling teens and graduates.

7 speakers. 10 mins each. 15 – 19 years old. This year’s HIGH SCHOOL DAY promises to tug your heartstrings!


Just keep playing | The problem of uncertainty

Anna has been homeschooling for six years. Having attended primary school for two years, she understands the pain of transitioning from a structured school environment to the more flexible alternative of homeschooling. Anna is usually averse to change, and homeschooling has forced her to endure multiple transitions. However, she has come to realize that change can lead to personal growth and healing. She doesn’t think that her secret obsession with physics and math can be kept hidden for much longer.

Inspiration from Art | Creating Art

Li-Ann is 15 years old. She has one sister and one brother. She likes to eat siew mai and wanton noodles and enjoys making crafts such as glitter jars, crepe paper flowers, and cards. She is an avid painter because she feels happy when she paints what God shows her.

Pillars of Support | Breaking Free

Hannah loves traveling and her dream is to travel to Iceland. She also likes music, sports, going for movies and ice skating. Her new found love is writing song lyrics about what she feels or imagines. She is also helping with piano accompaniment for a children’s choir and serving in her youth worship team as a singer. Although she’s the most introverted in her family, she enjoys late night chats with her Mom and older siblings.

Finding meaning | Dreaming with no Regrets

Rebecca is a spontaneous and passionate person. She loves anything from interior design to making videos and is all round a creative person! She’s been homeschooled from young together with her brother and sister. Even though she usually describes herself as boring, her mind is always imagining something new to create and like her peers, she likes taking naps. 

Overcoming Anxiety | The Anomalous Student

NL loves basketball and studying economics. He enjoys dunking, doing video production/editing and is currently preparing for the SATs. Talking about politics and current events are his favourite pasttimes, taking interest in the way an intelligent designer controls the world’s economies and politics. 

Overcoming Challenges | Stepping stones in Life  

Titus is in his 2nd year for Polytechnic. But before entering the world of polytechnic, he already had the “best of both worlds” for he has been both public-schooled and home-schooled, His interests centres around sports, music, and books. Having encountered different challenges when switching between the types of school setting, He believes that no challenge is hard to overcome if one has a positive outlook in life. When he is not occupied by school, work, or church commitments, he would most probably be at the soccer court scoring goals, or be doing cartwheels in the dojo.

Journeying into the Unknown | The inability to compare with peers

Ethan was homeschooled for 12 years, from 7 to 19. While he loves learning about anything related to history, his true passion is collapse studies. In his free time can be found playing football, taking walks alone at 2am, and scrolling aimlessly through Netflix. All while listening to Fall Out Boys.