Village 2020

The HOMESCHOOL E-CONVENTION 2020 started this morning! We hope you have been enjoying the Keynote speeches. The links to join the 2pm and 3pm Village Zoom slots have been emailed to all ticket holders. Please email if you have queries. 

Led by Apple Wong (Homeschool Convention 2017 speaker), the VILLAGE is made up of small breakout groups, around topics familiar to us in the homeschooling journey.

Facilitated by Homeschool Convention speakers from 2017 to 2020, our Village Workshops will equip, affirm and connect you with fellow homeschoolers for your journey. There will be overlapping categories, but we have streamlined the workshops to make it easier for you to select your workshops :


Involving the Spouse in Homeschooling 

Has marriage been relegated to the sidelines since you started homeschooling? How do you set aside time for each other? How can you involve your spouse in homeschooling?Let’s look at ways to involve our spouses and feel connected again. Facilitated by Connie Chua, 2018 Keynote Speaker, homeschooling consultant, marriage counsellor. Read more here.

Support (When You Have A Challenging Family)

You are not alone if you are homeschooling a challenging child, an unsupportive spouse and still needing to stay positive. Facilitated by Jonnansical Boo, 2020 Keynote Speaker, founder of Science Explorers, an inclusive homeschooling community. Read more here.

Involving Your Children at Work While Homeschooling

Are you working and thinking of how you can involve your children more? Zhen Xin will share from her experience on how she involves her family in her work. Giving you some ideas on how you can make it work for you too! Facilitated by Ding Zhen Xin, 2020 Keynote Speaker, co-founder of Preschool Market. Read more here.


Discipline: Smooth and Easy Days 

We spend more time learning with the kids but we also spend more time being frustrated by them, or telling them the same thing over and over again. “Keep your toys! Pick up your clothes! Close the drawer!” Are we going to nag them forever? Let’s talk about discipline and what it really means. Facilitated by Grace Tan, 2019 Keynote Speaker and community leader of Homeschool Singapore. Read more here.

Peacemaking Heroes of Homeschooling
Right from the time we open our eyes in the morning to the time we drop back down on the same pillow with exhaustion from the day’s duties, we are constantly stepping on mine-fields at home with children (and their sibling chemistry). How do we learn to be peacemakers at home? Facilitated by Anju Tupili, 2018 Keynote Speaker, 2019 Village Chief and owner of ColorinKin. Read more here.


What is resilience? Is stubbornness resilience? How would you develop this trait in your family? Facilitated by Angela Lim-Er, 2018 Keynote Speaker, organiser of the Homeschool Sports Day, and community leader at Homeschool Singapore.


Boundaries: Preserving Your Sanity 

When it comes to our decision to home educate our children, our worst attacks and deepest hurts can often come from the people closest to us. Familiar with engaging friends and loved ones in the classic “Why Homeschool?” dialogue, Sophia hopes to encourage wary homeschoolers to rethink their battles with others and choose them wisely. Facilitated by Sophia Ong, 2019 Keynote Speaker. Read more here


Let’s have a conversation about the F-word. How far does it define us and the relationships around us? Come to our little session prepared to think about a time when you have failed. Let’s explore this topic more deeply. Facilitated by Daphne Pang, 2020 Keynote Speaker. Read more here.


Self-care is not me first, but me too. We will look at what are some cues that signal self-care has become urgent and important, how to take care one oneself better, and managing boundaries to maintain our sanity! Facilitated by Audrey Chua-Teo, 2017 & 2019 Keynote Speaker. Read more here.

You are enough: Self esteem and the HS Mom (& Dad)

A discussion on our identity and self worth as parents and homeschoolers. How does our sense of self impact our homeschooling and parenting? What can we do to see ourselves as we really are?Facilitated by by Sue Tan. Sue is a 2018 Keynote Speaker, community leader at Homeschool Singapore and co-founder of The Social Factor with Mark Lim. Read more here.


Developing Your Vision – Know Your Why
Why does vision matter? Discuss with a parent who has ‘graduated’ from her homeschool journey, and consider the importance of having a vision. Receive some tools to write a vision statement, and consider some strategies to stay on track and not get overwhelmed by all the options. Facilitated by Cassandra Shepherd, 2018 & 2020 Keynote Speaker. Read more here.

Freedom within Structure: Planning Your Homeschool

Structure provides boundaries. Freedom explores creativity. How have you been balancing structure and freedom in your homeschooling? Facilitated by SERENE LIM, 2017 Keynote Speaker and founder of Building Up Moms. Read more here.

Homeschooling On Purpose: The Art of Intentionality

This circle is intended for participants to explore what it means to be intentional in their parenting and in their homeschooling. By exploring three fundamental questions, it is hoped for participants to discover their purpose, their priorities and their values as they shape, take stock and re-calibrate their homeschooling journey. Facilitated by Mark Lim. Mark is a 2019 Keynote Speaker, co-founder of The Social Factor with Sue Tan, and 2020 Homeschool Convention ONLINE organiser. Read more here.

What Makes A Homeschool Community Unique

How is a homeschooling community different from others? How can you contribute to yours, and the larger homeschooling landscape where you are? Facilitated by DAWN FUNG, 2017 Keynote Speaker and founder of


Fun-Filled Conversations 

Since you’re going to be facing in your kid all day, you might as well make it fun for everyone, yourself included! How do you sustain your personal curiosity in homeschooling? Have you tried pursuing your own dreams with your children? Facilitated by Wendy Koh, 2018 Keynote Speaker, founder of Funfilled Conversations. Read more here.


Is it still possible to have your hobbies when you have little ones in tow? With 3 children under 12, a ton of hobbies, an online bookstore in Jakarta, and volunteering for KawalCovid19, it seems all is not lost for the passionate homeschooling parent! Facilitated by Grace Suryani, 2020 Keynote Speaker. Read more here.

Teaching What You Do Not Know 

At several junctures in our homeschooling journeys, our children will need to learn something that is beyond our knowledge base. It may be an academic subject, or a specific skill. We do not always have to be the subject-matter expert to our children. This session focuses on the strategy of learning with your child, where parents shift the focus from teaching to learning together. Facilitated by Kalsum Harun, 2020 Keynote Speaker and a community leader of Muslim Homeschoolers SG. Read more here.


Homeschooling Teens

The teenage years can be a challenging period for all parents. As homeschooling parents, we have even more interactions with our teens and hence more opportunities for conflict. To facilitate our homeschooling journey with our teens, we need to minimise and manage conflicts effectively. Facilitated by Vivian Kwek, 2018 Keynote Speaker and founder of Decoding Your Child. Read more here.

Homeschool Pathways Post-PSLE

Homeschooling beyond the primary years? Come and be equipped for your child’s tertiary portfolio, and important skills to train the younger generations for the future workforce, and more. Facilitated by Catherine Tan, 2020 Keynote Speaker. Read more here.


Exploring Homeschooling

Homeschooling is a marathon and not a 100m dash. The road might get bumpy along the way. Starting on the right footing is important. How do we ensure that we are ready to take that step? Facilitated by Tsui Ling Hoy, 2018 Keynote Speaker and 2020 High School Day co-organiser.

Homeschooling – A Journey 

Homeschooling is a journey. It is a huge decision because it involves the whole family. At least one if not both of the parents are actively engaged in the education of the children. I hope that our discussion will give you a practical perspective on homeschooling. Facilitated by Apple Wong, 2017 Keynote Speaker and 2020 Village Chief. Read more here.