KDOZ 2020 (and ideas for kids this CB)

Background : KDOZ was the babysitting programme for the Homeschool E-Convention 2020. The KDOZ team came up with a list of resources and live zoom workshops for ticket holders on Day 1. We reprint what was shared so that you can use the ideas for your home.

Dear parents,
The convention is going fully online this year, and we at KDOZ are disappointed not to be able to serve you and your children this year! However, as most of you will have your children with you while you tune in to the convention in your homes, we have put together some (FREE!) resources that we have personally tried and tested and LOVE. We know there are many educational resources so we have tried to keep this short, and have we mentioned, we LOVE these? They may be useful for those of you who need to keep your little ones occupied. We have also set up 3 LIVE sessions for the kids, 2 during the afternoon Village slots. We hope this goes some way in easing your burdens. We are looking forward to the convention, and we hope that it will be a fruitful time for you!

LIVE SESSIONS On 16 April 2020 (Tip. Try teaching your children and their friends. Have a good laugh even if it didn’t work out to your expectations.)

11-1140am. Storytelling and Craft
“The Very First Last Time” 
“How to Draw Maple Leaves”

2-240pm. Story and Movement Session

3-340pm. Art and Craft Session

Online Resources
This list was tried and tested by the KDOZ Team of homeschooling parents. They vouch for it!



Artventure – search free lessons, for ages 3-12

Deep Space Sparkle – search free lessons, for ages 3-12


Let’s Do Chinese Together – by homeschool mum Avelyn Tan, for ages 3-5


BBC Dance Mat Typing – touch typing, for ages 6-12

Science – Live Cameras

San Diego Butterfly Park

Monterey Bey Aquarium

Virtual Dive

Cicinnatti Zoo Daily Live Stream

Smithsonian Zoo Panda Cam

Science – Documentaries

Polar Bears and the Tundra – a virtual trip to see polar bears

Penguins – go inside an Antarctic ‘city’ of 400,000 king penguins

What is a virus? – learn about what a virus is, and what the difference is between a bacteria and virus, for ages 6-12

Space Racers – an animated series which offers science-based lessons, games and space-related educational activities, for preschoolers


O’Kay Let’s Play – local Facebook community with videos and activities suitable for kids and parents