DADs@HOME: I Am Important

Homeschooling dad of 2, YC, understands his irreplaceable role in the family.

I’m the storyteller and “bed-putter”. My kids love stories, and they love my stories. Recently we discovered an app which features a spinning wheel, and we place our favourite fairy tales on it. We spin once each and I’ll do a fairy tale mash-up. They love it!

I’m the laundry elf, dishwasher and dryer. My spouse, WL has eczema on her fingers and is hydrophobic. During my time at home, I do most of the dishes, so that she gets more rest after all the cooking and a long day of looking after the kids. She appreciates this very much!

I’m the food connoisseur and support pillow. WL is a great cook, but sometimes it’s not appreciated by the kids. Words which are not used to describe food sometimes get thrown around by them. I’m glad I’m there to remind her how good a cook she is and also to help the kids remember that. I’m the support pillow who walks out of my work room each time WL or any of the children need a boo-boo hug and kiss. 

I’m the “wow” emoticon and “blushing” emoticon. I’m just 1 week into staying home and I’m usually away from the kids most of the time due to work. I’m amazed at how much WL does and sometimes has to put up with everyday at home with the 2 girls. Wow. Wow. Wow. And I thought my job was tough. I won’t last a week doing her job.

YC, dad to 2 lovely girls and an amazing wife.