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National Arts Council – Streets of Hope

Credits: Intersections Art Gallery

Sometime back, our talented homegrown artist, Pang, was commissioned by National Arts Council (NAC) for a submission of an artwork for the Streets of Hope Exhibition. The exhibition serves to encourage and lift the spirits as we stand united during this pandemic.

Pang contacted Dawn, founder of Homeschool Singapore, for submissions of artwork from our homeschooling children.

In Pang’s words:

“My response to Streets of Hope has been driven by the conviction that we should look at the current situation through the eyes of children and youth- the future of our nation. There has been a recent focus on how adults are managing and containing COVID-19, perhaps is it time for us adults to find hope through  children’s drawings and to get what is possibly the best form of community healing.   

Hope For the Future 

Faith in our Healthcare Heroes

Love for our Community 

The artworks below contain messages from young voices of Singapore that are beyond words. 

They are the responses of Isabel Joy Koh, 7, Joshua Hoy, 10 and Faith Ang, 17. They do have a lot to say, don’t they?”

Credits: ©Isabel joy Koh
Credits: ©Joshua Hoy
Credits: © Faith Ang

These artwork are featured on Intersections’s (a local art gallery) newsletter, and also on the banner along Prinsep Street.

We are very honoured to collaborate with Pang in this meaningful exhibition, and especially proud of what the homeschooling kids are contributing to the society despite the circuit breaker. As we ease into a new normal, may these creations uplift and inspire you to take each step with confidence. 

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