Did you know we’re launching the online homeschool library tomorrow?

Get to know our aims and objectives, and the team behind the project.

Aims and Objectives

  • To create and update a database of homeschooling resources relevant to the unique educational context and landscape in Singapore. 
  • To be a credible and impartial source of resource recommendations for homeschoolers in Singapore. 
  • To provide homeschoolers access to resources useful to their Singapore-based homeschooling journey.
  • To help interested members of the public understand the diversity of resources in the homeschooling landscape. The COVID-19 pandemic has seen an increase in the number of queries of homeschooling around the world.

The Team

Wan Ling. Wan Ling is mother to two free-spirited girls. She was previously a Humanities teacher. She is an eclectic homeschooler who employs a myriad of resources to teach her own. At the heart of her homeschooling journey is the desire to form a deep, lasting and meaningful connection with her family so that they can be equipped to share God’s love.

Diana Chua. Diana Chua is an introvert who married an awesome introvert and together they have an extrovert to nurture. They are travelling with Classical Education under the Mother of Divine Grace School on this homeschooling journey. The adventure of finding out what God has in store for them continues.

Sally Wuu. After years of working in data and marketing, Sally decided to stay home to spend more time with her three young kids. Unbeknownst to her, God had something different in store and called her to homeschool as a gift of mercy. She is still very new to homeschooling and she looks forward to meeting like-minded families and learning from the community. Her desire is for her family to “act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with God”.

Felicia Lie. Reading has always been one of Felicia’s favourite things to do. Now that she is occupied with her three children and her crocheting, she often turns to audio books (although Netflix is a very strong competitor). While most of her time is spent with her children, she realises that getting to know them and building relationships with them will be a lifelong journey.

Pam Sevilla. Pam is a mom of a curious little one. Her homeschool journey started 4 years ago and she cherishes every minute of this opportunity to bond with her son and family. She is a bookworm who loves reading series of novels until the wee hours of the night.

Desiree Mercado. As a loving mother of four active kids, Desiree ensures that all their needs are well attended to. Her discipline style involves a strict routine of schoolwork and fun activities like arts and craft. She loves to read and discover strategies to educate her kids in engaging ways which are in line with God’s teaching.

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