Homeschool Convention 2021

The Convention is happening! In 2020, we had our first EVER online Homeschool Convention. Continuing with the online format in 2021, you will be able to listen to the Keynote speakers from the comfort of your homes, even if you’re a homeschooler living outside Singapore.

This year’s Convention is run by our Homeschool Alumni, founded and run by very young people who have recently completed their homeschooling journeys. The Convention program includes an intergenerational group of speakers ranging in life stages and backgrounds to bring you their perspectives. The workshops address real struggles and issues many homeschooling parents go through, like burnout, improving parent-child communication, making schooling fun, how not to neglect their marriage, roadmapping the future, and much more!

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To find out more about the Keynote Speakers and Village Facilitators and their workshops, go here.