Community Portfolios

The Homeschool Singapore community runs, oversees and volunteers at these community portfolios. You are welcome to check out each portfolio and get in touch with the team to join them. Our social mindedness is of one heart and goal: to connect with, and care for, the demographies we collaborate with. The community portfolios are initiatives of the community. We offer help to one another where needed.

(Featured image on this post is from the Homeschool Convention 2018) logo is about parent wellness and inspiring lives. We believe that the most meaningful legacy you can leave behind for the ones you love most is to live your life to the fullest. As a parent, your life journey is coloured by the sounds and sights of children, spouses and fellow caregivers. We want to equip you to lead this part of your identity as a whole person.


LIttle U‘s mission is on equipping families with skills to succeed in life. We offer a range of teaching and learning opportunities from preschool to adulthood, individuals to families.

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Changing Mindsets Logo

Changing Mindsets: Perspectives in Education is our project for…homeschool dads! It’s a great excuse to get dads to hang out and tell their stories in a low pressure setting. In 2021, we’re working towards an e-book over makan sessions. Beer, coffee, kopitiam, whatever. Just come.

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Homeschool Library SG creates and updates a database of homeschooling resources relevant to the unique educational context and landscape in Singapore. 


The Homeschool Alumni Program gathers the homeschooling alumni in Singapore to network and share their stories as the homeschooling landscape matures. We offer opportunities for work readiness in events management and internships in Homeschool Singapore projects, as well as personal brand coaching for committed alumni team members.

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The Homeschool Consultation service started in 2018 at Homeschool Singapore. We offer a free 30 mins consultation over zoom (or over email correspondence) based on our availability by our volunteers. Should you need more help with our queries, we will direct you to the lead consultants. The lead consultants will offer a personalised, 2 hour consultation for a fee.


Founded by Jonnansical Boo, Science Explorers.Sg is an open age curiosity based science exploration group for the homeschooling community in Singapore. She follows a child-led methdology of encouraging children to bond with science through interesting daily science projects.


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