Memories: Homeschool Curriculum Fair in 2008

Going through the trove of homeschool memorabilia, we unearthed this vintage find – a brochure from a Homeschool Curriculum Fair in 2008!

The event was sponsored by Math-U-See Singapore, with tickets selling at a low cost of $15 per entry for adults. Designed for homeschooling parents and explorers alike, the fair gave participants the opportunity to listen to seasoned homeschoolers on various curricula and learning techniques, and to glean over the homeschooling lifestyle in general.

Homeschool curriculum fairs have come a long way in Singapore; from small to large functions, it has become an integral part of homeschool conventions.

The homeschool community’s spirit of sharing and mentoring one another has continued in the online sphere during the pandemic. Events like this have become even more relevant as families in many parts of the world choose to school at home. This year, we look forward to bringing the event to Asia, embracing homeschooling communities in the region into the fold.

Look out for the Asia Edition of this year’s Curriculum Fair at the Homeschool Convention!