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Let us help tell your stories and cement these memories to last a lifetime! aims to capture the voices of Singapore’s homeschooling community. It is a platform to connect, converse and contribute. We invite homeschoolers to build this space and spur collective learning and growth through shared memories, mutual assistance, open exchange, and common aspirations.

Today, we launch the first round of our crowdsourcing initiative. We call upon every homeschooler, homeschool explorer, professional educator, and education enthusiast who wish to inspire and encourage the community.

Pitch an article to under any of our five main categories: Opinions, Interviews, Memories, Activities, and Information Guides.

Category #1: Opinions

Remember how our thematic series Schooling that Rests Upon Homes brought forth a range of opinions on marriage, parenting and pedagogy? We welcome any opinion pieces on matters close to your heart. Raise a topic for discussion. Reflect on your own homeschooling journey. Review a curriculum, programme, or product.

Category #2: Interviews

Weren’t our hearts beaming with pride as we read about Mikkel Myer Lee, a piano prodigy amongst us? Let us recognize and celebrate promising homeschoolers as a way to encourage the community. Alternatively, uncover interesting backstories on matters related to homeschooling and education.

Category #3: Memories

Our newly appointed Executive Editor, Sophie Tan, has been building up our collective memory bank with articles on past events and trailblazing personalities in the local homeschooling scene. Share a significant event in your homeschooling experience, or connect us with older homeschooling alumni.

Category #4: Activities

Our Learning at Home Series was a quintessential example of the value that home educators can bring to conversations on education. Capture the diverse narratives of not only why we homeschool, but how we do it. Write about how your children engage with other homeschoolers as part of their learning or publicise activities for other homeschoolers to participate in.

Category #5: Information Guides

Join us in textualising our communal trove of knowledge on various topics and issues. Expand on existing information guides to make homeschooling in Singapore more accessible.

Our Commitment

We owe a duty to you and your child who are featured on our website, to ensure that all parties are cast in the best possible light, and that personal data will not be divulged in any way harmful.

Our goal is to give all whom we feature, especially the youth, the space to share his or her involvement in the homeschooling community as part of their portfolio, for it is something that they can be proud of.

Be your own Anderson Cooper. Nurture the Oprah in your young ones. Use this opportunity to learn, network and challenge yourselves. We look forward to reading your ideas!