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Homeschool Information Guide 2022

After months of preparation and hard work, the Homeschool Information Guide 2022 is now available!

Developed by Homeschool Consultation in collaboration with Homeschool Singapore, this annual publication is an introductory one-stop resource covering commonly asked questions on homeschooling in Singapore.

Editor’s Note: Learn more about Homeschool Consultation in a recent interview here.

What To Expect

  • How do I start homeschooling?
  • What is the process to apply for a homeschooling permit for my six year old?
  • How do I withdraw my primary schooler to start homeschooling?
  • If I homeschool my child in primary school, does he need to take PSLE?
  • How do I homeschool my secondary aged child?
  • How do I get more help with homeschooling?

On top of getting answers to preliminary questions, discover what’s buzzing in the local homeschooling scene!

Check out initiatives led by parent-volunteers, such as the Homeschool Library and Homeschool Convention 2022: Asia Edition.

Broaden your horizon and find your tribe through some of our recommended homeschool social groups.

Get inspired and encouraged by homeschooling mothers who generously share their stories and tips on social media.

Learn more about the viable options and available support for homeschooling with special needs children.

Take advantage of other helpful guides to navigate through academic and non-academic homeschooling pathways…and more!

Hear From The Contributors

The Homeschool Information Guide is a free, quick and handy reference for those who are starting out to explore homeschooling. Instead of answering repetitive questions, it alleviates the workload of the Homeschool Consultation team to reach a wider audience, making space to channel more time and attention to queries requiring higher level support. We hope our readers will find the Information Guide relevant and useful as one of their first stops in their homeschooling journey.

–Shan Chua, Consultant at Homeschool Consultation

The Information Guide is a must-have for all those who have basic questions on homeschooling. Get your questions answered through this handy guide. Should you need more help, talk to us at and we can walk further with you!

–Dawn Fung, Founder of Homeschool Singapore

When the Homeschool Consultation team mooted the idea of publishing their own internal guidelines in the form of an Information Guide for the public, I felt that it was a great way to lower the barrier of entry to homeschooling, and equip families with the knowledge and resources to homeschool.

The Homeschool Information Guide 2022 was supposed to have been published last month in March. Despite the slight delay, its release just after the Homeschool Convention 2022: Asia Edition makes it a timely tool to propel the momentum of learning and discovery for those who are new to homeschooling.

–Kalsum Harun, Editor-in-Chief of Homeschool Singapore


We hereby acknowledge the following parent-volunteers whose collective labour of love have made this publication possible:

Homeschool Consultation

Apple Teoh, Head Consultant
Kay Zhao, Consultant
Sandra Chan, Consultant
Shan Chua, Consultant
Tsui Ling Hoy, Head Consultant

Homeschool Singapore

Dawn Fung, Founder
Grace Tan, Graphic Designer
Kalsum Harun, Editor-in-Chief

For corrections, suggestions and feedback on the Homeschool Information Guide 2022, please reach out to