Happy Fridays!

Our local homeschooling community consists of diverse yet overlapping acquaintances from which countless bonds of friendship were formed. Today, we feature just some of these groups that we know – which happen to have one more thing in common: their choice activity day is Friday! “What about socialization?”, some may ask? Perhaps, next time, you may wish to simply send them this article!

Event: Homeschool Market Day, 17 June 2022

First up: Refresh your homeschool resources by selling or giving away preloved resources! Dig into your treasury to unearth items that you have not been using for some time but may still benefit other families, and bring them down for the Market Day. Think of your needs and wants before you head down and clear your headspace. The two-hour time duration of the event necessitates speedy transactions! For more information, contact Vivian, who is heading the event.

Image credit: Event poster by the organisers

Homeschool Teen Activities

This initiative is run by a homeschool mom, Martha Lauer, who has a heart for building a community for her teenage daughter. She has drawn an impressive list of activities that are appropriate for our homeschooling teens to participate in and meet one another on a regular basis around our tiny island! Indicate your interest via the Google Form here.

Image credit: John T on Unsplash

Homeschool Teens Co-operative

This co-operative was launched by a group of mothers who felt the need to sustain a dedicated social circle for their homeschoolers into their secondary schooling years. The teens have gone through several learning modules together, ranging from art and design to technology, as well as academic-based ones – led by the parents themselves. For instance, one of the mothers, with her older teens, ran an Outdoor Education module over three months last year. Despite the challenges of social distancing measures, her older teens taught the co-op participants a series of skills like first-aid, tying knots and lashings, outdoor cooking and orienteering, among others that culminated in an outdoor camp at Pasir Ris Park. The teens further developed their camaraderie through external programmes such as a debate camp and an invention workshop series.

The co-operative is now only open to teens from the 2008 cohort and their siblings. Membership requires parents to be able to offer a module at some point. If you are interested, please e-mail Tay Hwee Ling at to state your interest!

Final session of the “Introduction to Research” module conducted from 28 Jan to 3 Jun that I conducted this year.
Image credit: Charlene Lim

Fun Friday

As the name implies, the group gathers for a delightful time together on a regular basis. They engage in a variety of activities – as long as they are all-inclusive and affordable. From paid tours to workshops, the group relish in multi-age interactions and not forgetting, socialization opportunities for the parents too! Fun Friday activities typically happen fortnightly – but may also take place on weekdays. Interested? Sign up via this membership form!

Check out their groovy group logo!
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Nature Co-op Homeschool Singapore

This co-operative is heralded by Shirin Tan, a homeschool mom whom we featured in our article on Forest School. The group is known in the community for its child-led explorations and nature-play meet-up sessions. Structured activities are sometimes organized to complement these free play. Activities are suitable for families with children of multiple ages! Traditionally, the group meets up every Friday morning. However, they are currently revising their routine to cater to the community’s changing needs. Check out their Facebook page for membership details.

Image credit: Nature Co-op Homeschool Singapore Facebook page

There, you have it – a short compilation of our local homeschool happenings on Fridays! If you would like to feature your group, pitch to via our online submission form.