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2 Years Since Relaunch: Another New Beginning

It has been an incredible journey since the relaunch of the Homeschool Singapore website two years ago. We have made great strides in amplifying our impact and immersing ourselves in the dynamic voices of the thriving homeschooling communities in Singapore.

Our mission has been laser-focused: to serve as a platform for Singapore’s homeschooling communities to connect, converse and contribute. We spotlight homeschoolers and anyone who is passionate about education by celebrating their achievements and offering a vibrant space that captures their diverse thoughts, sentiments, and experiences. With this in mind, we experimented with various presentation styles and calls to action to connect with our audience.

Thematic Issues was the first format we explored when we first relaunched We dished out two hard-hitting themes: Schooling that Rests Upon Homes and School’s Out!, with numerous articles of various formats.

Pitch to was an initiative to capture the voices of Singapore’s homeschooling community by inviting the local homeschooling communities to make direct submissions to the editor. Apparently, WhatsApp is still the most preferred channel!

We also published several authoritative Information Guides for the homeschool community and anyone exploring the alternative education pathways in Singapore. We are encouraged by how many enquirers on homeschooling have informed us that they have read and mulled over these resources before reaching out to us.

Our Future

Being deeply ingrained within the community, we derive immense satisfaction from guiding and mentoring our homeschool youth. To further propel this platform and involve young minds in its development, we proudly announce the launch of the Homeschool Singapore Youth Internship program. It’s a golden opportunity for young, aspiring writers and social media creators to dive headfirst into the world of content creation.

Imagine working alongside our editors, learning the ropes, and gaining invaluable hands-on experience in producing original content to be published for the world to see. Not only will our interns have the chance to hone their skills, but they’ll also have a chance to build a portfolio that will set them apart from the crowd – all while contributing their unique perspectives to the homeschooling community.

Are you pumped yet? Look out for the details of this opportunity to embark on this enriching journey on our website. Stay tuned, change-makers, because the future is bright. Let’s rock this journey like never before!