Welcome! We are a site promoting homeschooling in Singapore.

First, homeschooling means parents are the primary educators of their children. It is not an afterschool job or another enrichment programme. Homeschooling parents take ownership of their children’s education, within the framework of holistic development of mind, body, and soul.

Second, homeschooling in Singapore is unique. The community is a melting pot of expats and locals. Some families school and homeschool different children. Sometimes we think it is the most diverse, inclusive, international school in Singapore that’s free.

While the Ministry of Education (MOE) makes education compulsory across all learning spectrums i.e. special needs from 2019, homeschooling in Singapore remains an attractive option for:

  • Singaporean parents who look to a customised learning environment for their children
  • expats in Singapore who desire a cheap, good and mobile education for their children
  • expats who already homeschool in their own countries and wish to continue doing so here

Homeschooling has been featured in the local media more, as younger parents seek alternative pathways of learning to suit their family vision or needs. We hope this site helps you with critical information about homeschooling in Singapore, and encourages you to believe in its possibilities.


Our goal is to make homeschooling more visible in Singapore.

We are looking to profile homeschoolers’ stories to encourage the community and educate the public.

Please get in touch with us at info@homeschoolsingapore.sg to build this space!