Opinion : Advocating for Homeschooling

21 October 2019, Metro.Style published an article, “Homeschooling Myths—Busted!” by Samantha Ramos-Zaragoza, a month after the Philippine Homeschool Convention 2019. The article included the viewpoint of Homeschool Singapore founder Dawn Fung. 

Here is the full transcript between Samantha and Dawn, for our second OPINION piece at HomeschoolSingapore.sg. Some parts have been edited for clarity.  Continue reading “Opinion : Advocating for Homeschooling”

Thank you all for a wonderful Homeschool Convention 2019!

Thank you all so much for coming for the Homeschool Convention 2019, a three day affair of timely messages, food, fairs, workshops and more. We would love to know your thoughts about the Convention and what we can do to improve your experience in this feedback form. 

Photos for the Homeschool Convention 2019 in this post are taken by Hoon Sze Siang of Snapshot Imaging. See you in 2020 for the next one!

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