Self Care by Audrey Chua-Teo

(Audrey’s speech at the Homeschool Convention 2017 still moves us. Counting down to the Homeschool Convention 2019, we bring you gems from our storehouses.)

Audrey left her teaching career at MOE to homeschool her three children (then 9, 7 and 2). From a dual-income household with multiple help to a full-time stay-at-home mom, Audrey shares her reflections gleaned from the past 4 years. Homeschoolers who struggle with kids across preschool to teens will appreciate Audrey’s wisdom for the soul.

About 5 years back, I found myself running. I had just pushed my youngest child, then one and a half years old, into the hands of my helper and I ran off. I kept running in the rain, crying very hard. I didn’t know where I was going, but I just kept running. I was depleted, exhausted and very ready to give up on everything, on life especially. I had reached the bottom. Fast forward 5 years later. It is a miracle that I am here on stage, right here with all of you. Today, take a glimpse into my heart, and I hope that it will encourage you. Continue reading “Self Care by Audrey Chua-Teo”

Keynote Speakers @ Homeschool Convention 2019

The Homeschool Convention 2019 is officially open! Starting off on April 10, 11am-3pm, is our annual Keynote Speakers session, TED TALK style. 9 inspiring speakers who are fellow homeschooling parents share their hearts on the core messages that will resonate with everyone from new homeschoolers to seasoned ones.

Your ticket also includes…a buffet lunch and entry to all fairs. Kick off your anxiety, get a trusty notebook, and join us. Each keynote pass is $30/pax. 150 spaces only. Do get your tickets early as the last two convention’s keynote passes were sold out.

Unless you have bought a KDOZ pass, please make babysitting arrangements as the Keynote Speakers session does not permit children into the hall, except babies and toddlers. TICKET SALES IS NOW CLOSED.  Continue reading “Keynote Speakers @ Homeschool Convention 2019”

Online ticket sales for this event are closed.

KDOZ @ Homeschool Convention 2019

Can’t find babysitting help during the Convention? We got you covered with our KDOZ (Kids Drop Off Zone) programme on April 10-April 11, 11am-3pm. The last two years’ Convention, KDOZ was so successful that kids looked forward to coming again. Each KDOZ pass is $12/kid but you can get yours at $10/kid with our early bird special until Feb 28! tickets closed Continue reading “KDOZ @ Homeschool Convention 2019”

Online ticket sales for this event are closed.