Opinion: WFH From A Homeschooling Perspective

by Dawn Fung

Background : I gave ST journalist Amelia Teng my opinion of WFH and juggling homeschooling, although my WFH is mainly caregiving and community building. (See The Social Factor and Preschool Market for homeschooling parents who run businesses.) My thoughts turned into an article.

23 April 2020. 

It is week 3 of the CB. By the time the extension ends on Jun 1, we will have experienced 8 weeks of CB with more stringent measures. What is more painful to me is that we are clearly in DORSCON red, in a lockdown, but the government refuses to say it as it is. By this time, your newbie investor and ah beng already understand what is happening. I don’t know who the language policy is targeting to reduce panic. Maybe there really is a group of people who go nuts once they hear ‘DORSCON red’ and ‘lockdown’ even though it is a global (not special to one country) measure. Maybe it is to keep a cleaner media archive when we look back later on, to show we were sensible.

MOE has pushed the June holidays forwards from May 5. Schools will resume on Jun 2. In what form will school look like – whether HBL, hybrid or as normal – is unclear. There are two more weeks until HBL ceases and parents take over their children’s activities completely. This is nothing new. The holidays have always been about parents planning or signing up programmes for their children. But the CB has thrown us completely off track, even homeschooling parents.

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Thank you for a great Homeschool E-Convention 2020!

Thank you to all who attended the Homeschool E-Convention 2020. We had a meaningful time. We hope you enjoyed the Keynote, Village and High School Day. For those who could not get a ticket to three events, we hope you enjoyed the Curriculum Fair. It was our first time doing an E-Convention so we are very thankful that everyone was patient with the teams.

We would love feedback from you to improve for 2021’s Convention!

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Curriculum Fair 2020

Did you miss getting a ticket to the HOMESCHOOL E-CONVENTION 2020’s Village, Keynote and High School Day? Join us for today’s CURRICULUM FAIR instead. April 17, 2pm-4pm. It is FREE and open to the public.

How to join?
1. Just hop into any of the 62 zoom slots we have prepared, from preschool to tertiary level, according to the timings.
2. You do not need to register but you need to enter the zoom rooms at least 1-2 minutes ahead.
3. Some of the rooms may be locked once the meeting begins.


You can find out more about each family and vendor on our beautiful Homeschool Curriculum Fair 2020 E-zine, or FB event page set up in individual posts.


  1. Homeschool Curriculum Fair FB Event Page (you can comment and find out about each family/vendor on individual posts)
  2. Homeschool Curriculum Fair 2020 E-Zine (you can read about families and vendors in 1 magazine styled book)
  3. The E-Zine as a PDF
  4. Homeschool Curriculum Fair 2020 Zoom Links (all the zoom slots in 2 pages only)
  5. The story of the Curriculum Fair 2020

High School 2020

The HOMESCHOOL E-CONVENTION 2020’s Village and Keynote are happening. We hope you have been enjoying the speeches and workshops. Tomorrow on April 17, the High School Day will take place in the morning, and then the Curriculum Fair in the afternoon. We give you an early heads up on the High School Day if you missed the message!

Ticket holders, pls check your emails late tonight for access to watch the speeches. Please email convention@homeschoolsingapore.sg if you have queries. 

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